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Irish Setter Men's 801 Havoc Waterproof  Upland Hunting Boot

Irish Setters Havoc -801 are great outdoor boots specially designed for hunters. These waterproof leather boots are made to give comfort in tough weather and harsh circumstances. The rugged boot has a PU footbed for comfort and FlexiLock for forefront athletic fit. The boots are easy to wear. The airflow channels easily manage moisture. The rubber sole ensures a good grip on any terrain.

Irish Setter Men’s 801 Havoc Waterproof  Upland Hunting Boot

irish setter havoc boots review

Irish Setter Men’s 801 Havoc Waterproof Upland Hunting Boot

Features of the boot

  • The outer cover is made with 100% leather
  • Forefront has FlexiLock for an athletic fit
  • This waterproof boot has a rubber sole
  • Rubber sole helps in the strong surface grip
  • Leather is good in quality and waterproof
  • It has loopback pulls and the shaft height is 9’’
  • Boots lining is made with breathable fabric
  • Constructed with FlexLock Handsewn
  • The plush color ensure the comfort of the foot
  • The high-quality boot is light and easy to wear
  • This outdoor shoe is comfortable to wear for up to 12 hours.
  • The heel loop in the boot helps to easily on and off.
  • The plush collar confirms the comfort of the foot

Size Available

The boot is available in sizes from 8 to 14. There are two types for each size: wide and regular. The boots come with quite a good fitting and a stylish design.

Color Available

The Irish setter comes in with one color brown. The color complements the design in every aspect.

What type of problem does Irish Setter Havoc boot solve?

The boots come in a wide variety of sizes. Hunters can easily get a perfectly fitted pair for themselves. The boots prevent any water from flowing inside thus keep the foot dry for long hours. The rubber sole gives a good grip avoiding any slip while walking or running. The airflow channels manage moisture nicely. The foot remains dry all day long.


Irish Setter Havoc boots review & feature:

The most common construction technique involves in Irish Setter Havoc boots is the use of leather or synthetic welt. A welt is a strip of an element that is set between the upper and lower sole, to which, both are joined. Irish Setter Havoc boots built in this way are typically extremely rugged that you can purchase. And it follows that they also the most durable. Another construction technique is called the directly attached system. Here, a mold is attached to the upper part of the boot and is filled with molten rubber which finally hardens to form the sole of the boot. Irish Setter Havoc boots constructed using the direct attach method are lightweight, comfortable, and absorb shocks very well. The third construction technique is called the cementing method. This involves the use of a flexible, high strength adhesive to bond the outsole to the rest of the boot. The cementing process is both the cheapest and lightest option out of all three. Boots made using the cementing process are also known for their superb comfort levels.

Why you should buy Irish Setter Havoc boots?

Whether you prefer to rise steep and snowy peaks, cutting over icy rivers, going down and dirty on post-frost mud runs, or only live in relatively cold and wet weather, Irish Setter Havoc boots will keep your toes dry and warm to enjoy the rigors of your winter routine thoroughly. When there’s a tough job that requires being done, it’s time to get your boots on – rain or shine. One day out in the rain or snow is all it takes to enjoy a good, waterproof boot. Many collections span from waterproof combat boots to waterproof work boots. The waterproofing treatment of Irish Setter Havoc boots works at a molecular level, coating every fiber with a water-repellent polymer. If you want to assure your boots stay waterproofed, knowing how to clean work boots develops the duration of the waterproof treatment. It’s all about the review of the Irish Setter Havoc boot.



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