Merrell men’s Moab Polar waterproof winter boot reviews

Merrell men's Moab Polar waterproof winter boot reviews

There is something that is often seen with winter boots or boots that need to keep your feet warm. It has become a sort of the norm for winter boots to be overwhelmingly bulky. They are seen to be incredibly heavy and not comfortable to walk around in. But there really is no point if you have to sacrifice the functionality of the boots you wear in order to get a certain feature. Merrell is quite a trusted brand. They have developed a pair of boots that are not bulky at all. The Moab Polar Waterproof Boots successfully keep your feet warm in extreme conditions and are also easy to walk around in.

Merrell Men’s Moab Polar Waterproof Winter Boot, The Best Way to Keep Your Feet Warm

Do read our Merrell men’s Moab Polar waterproof winter boot review to find out more.

Non-bulky Design

They come in sleek dark tones on the upper suede. It is mid-height and designed to be absolutely waterproof. They are not bulky at all and have a weightless design to make tackling and walking in snow and slush easier. They are hikers with a high silhouette.


They are made of 100% leather and textile. The shoes come with a synthetic sole. The measurement of the shaft is approximately 6.5″ from the arch. The measurement of the heel is approximately 1.25″. It features a protective shell bootie and color-blocked cage overlays. Moreover, it comes with molded EVA midsole and footbed. Other than that it comes with a DRY treatment and ice grip outsole that strengthens the grip of the foot on icy surfaces.


This boot is perfect for you if you work in cold weather or are thinking to move to such a place. It is one of the essentials for keeping yourself warm. That’s it for our Merrell men’s Moab Polar waterproof winter boot review.

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