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Boots that are constructed for heavy-duty workplaces usually don’t tend to be comfortable for use at other places. For example, work boots with steel toe protection are not going to be that suitable or useful for conditions that don’t require protection. Moreover, they are usually just too bulky to be worn around everywhere. The Ely 83617 6″ Work Boots by Irish Setter for Men are perfect when it comes to being useful for work but also very comfortable to wear and also flexible. They are also incredibly sturdy, reliable and will last you for a really long time.

Irish Setter Men’s Ely 83617 6″ Work Boot, Flexible and Comfortable Boots for You

Irish Setter Ely review - pickfairly
Irish Setter Men’s Ely 83617 6″ Work Boot

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Flexible Design makes the Irish Setter Ely unique:

The shoes come in a sleek brown color. The Irish Setter logo is very easily noticeable. The Mocha Crazy Horse leather gives it the mocha brown coloring. The shoe is designed to be flexible and comfortable. Hence it comes with a soft toe front.

Features of Irish Setter Ely

The Irish Setter shoes are made of 100% leather. It comes with a synthetic sole. The construction of them is direct-attach. The footbed of the shoes is removable polyurethane. The height of the shoes is around 6 inches. The shank is nonmetallic, ensuring the comfort of the foot. The leather type is full-grain and waterproof. The shoes have an UltraDry Waterproof technology which is a combination of moisture management lining and waterproof components. This ensures dry comfort that is long-lasting. The shoes meet the ATSM Safety Measures. The outsole is PU V-Grip. The weight is around 3 Ibs. 6 oz.


Irish Setter Ely review highlights:

If you are working in a corporally demanding industry, you will need to think about wearing Irish Setter Ely non-slip pair of shoes to prevent foot ailments like flat feet, plantar fasciitis, toes deformities, disease, osteoarthritis, and many more. These foot conditions can happen to both men and women. Many podiatrists recommend preventing such foot conditions by wearing non-slip Irish Setter Ely shoes when working. The slip-resistant shoes come in different forms and designs. You will find from the most classic-styled shoes with anti-slip innovations to the modern ones which are ready. The greatest nature of the Irish Setter Ely shoes is their effectiveness in different work fields. Rather than changing your shoes every time you move from one floor to another, you can wear Irish Setter Ely shoes. These can go on any surface. When it comes to purchasing a new pair of Irish Setter Ely boots for working, many people tend to pick more affordable footwear. It is because they think that it is a smaller purchase. But if you think about it, you will end up purchasing various pairs in a year or two, making it more costly than a single purchase of fancy footwear. If you are asking about what is the most excellent Irish shoes, the answer won’t be showing the cheap price. High-quality safety Irish Setter Ely boots are always more valuable. It is because the Irish Setter only uses high-grade elements to create such a kind of boots. The Irish Setter Ely footwear made from higher grade rubbers and fibers will be more valuable but you can wear them for a long time than the cheaper ones. Hope Irish Setter Ely review highlights will help you with buying decisions.

Conclusion of Irish Setter Ely

These shoes are perfect for you if you’re interested in shoes that are suitable for work but also easy to work in. They are incredibly comfortable and flexible, hence a good choice for non-heavy duty work conditions. That’s it for our Setter Ely review. Besides this, we suggest seeing the 83605 & Marshall Model.

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