How to Clean Cowboy Boots? PickFairly

How to Clean Cowboy Boots

Most cowboy boots are excellent choices for any occasion. For that reason, you will wear it on a routine basis. A high-quality pair of cowboy boots should accompany you for many years so that it is essential to maintain and take care of it properly. As the responsible owner, it is fair to clean the boots regularly when the shoes get dirty, soiled, or stained. This will keep the appearance of the boots awesome and prevent them from damaged. You want them as last as possible so that you can also be wise with your finance. Cleaning them properly will be the key to keep their longevity.  Here is how to clean cowboy boots for you.

1. The minor cleaning

You will want to clean your boots regularly whenever you spot some dirt on the pairs. Even when you store the boots in your shoebox, there’s a chance the dust can accumulate when not used. This simple formula can handle some stubborn small dirt. Take the microfiber cloth and dip it into lukewarm water. Gently, wipe the microfiber cloth over the dirty areas. Don’t forget to use your dry towel or microfiber cloth to remove the excess water. This minor cleaning can happen on a timely basis. So, make sure you bring your wiping cloth anywhere you go. You will want to appear cool all the time.

2. The ingrained dirt cleaning

ingrained dirt cleaningIf for some reason, you are not able to clean your cowboy boots regularly, the dirt can be even more stubborn. Some of them can stick to the boots, and the minor cleaning won’t work anymore. You will want to use the commercial boots cleaner product for this. Read the manual of the product thoroughly before you are using it. Use your microfiber cloth and wipe it gently away. Apply the solution onto the cloth and wipe onto your cowboy boots. Keep in mind to purchase the branded product so that you can remove the ingrained dirt without hassle. Besides the cleaner solution, you could also use the boots oil to give an additional coating as a protective and appealing layer.

3. Conditioning the cowboy boots

Besides cleaning your boots regularly, you will want to condition your cowboy boots also. Depending on your leather materials, they tend to dry out or worn off if being used many times. Conditioning your cowboy boots will prolong its lifespan and keep them feeling soft when you wear them. There are many conditioners for boots that you can find online or at the brick-and-mortar store.

Applying a conditioner can be useful if you do it after cleaning your boot. The average period to condition your cowboy boots is about every six months. Some people do it every three months. Moreover, that’s okay.

4. Polishing cowboy boots

Polishing your cowboy boots is not an absolute must to do. However, you could use polish if you have an upcoming special event or occasion. Polish can give your boots a unique shine.

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