How to take care of flat feet?

Take Care of Flat Feet

Many people think that they can only embrace the fate that they have flat feet. Flat feet can result in health and medical issues if you do nothing about it.

There are two types of flat feet. The first one is the flexible flat feet. It is when the feet are flat only when the weight is put on the feet.

The other type is the rigid flat foot. In this condition, the feet flat with and without the weight placed on the feet. The stiff flat feet can happen because of the tarsal coalition, arthritis, or other conditions. Here are how you can take care of the flat feet.

Specific stretching and exercise regime:

The experts have proven that the tight muscle is the cause of the pronation on foot. In the long term, it can cause the arch to collapse. The flattening effect, however, can be managed with a specific stretching regime. The best type of stretching that you can try is the runners stretch. If you are doing Yoga, you could also consider doing the downward dog position routinely to deal with the flat feet. The other thing to do is exercise. You can do all the activities you want, as long as these focus on the arch strengthening purposes. You will need to join with the program which aims to strengthen foot muscles that can help your span. But keep in mind that there is no such thing as an overnight result. You will probably need to bear the pains for adapting to your new routine. But in the long run, you will notice the vast difference.

Getting proper footwear:

Consider choosing the boots that are prevalent for flat feet. So, to be on feet all day find the ideal shoe. If you already have a casual shoe in your wardrobe, you need to make sure if the pair have proper arch support and heel counter. To increase the arch support, you could add arch support insoles to improve it in the casual shoes. The arch support can raise the arch and support it. It will align the feet structures into a better position. If you can’t tolerate the stiffness or inconvenience of the conventional shoes, the best option for you is to pick the orthopedic shoes. However, the orthopedic shoes are only necessary if you have more severe flatfoot deformity. Many manufacturers offer orthopedic shoes with great features.


Many people think that the flat feet need supports; that’s why they tend to purchase the appropriate shoes. But until you find the right one, you have ample time to get self-therapy by going barefoot. When you go barefoot, you will directly improve and strengthen your foot muscles. The stronger the muscles, the more stability, and flexibility that you can get from your barefoot training. Do this training on a routine basis, as often as possible. If it is not possible in your work environment, always do this in your leisure time.

Last harbor, surgery:

Flat foot surgery is a viable option if you haven’t seen significant changes after trying the methods above. Depending on your case, the operation can be simple or complex. Your doctor will explain the complete procedure and the side effects that you need to consider.

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