How do I stop my feet from hurting when I stand on feet all day?

Tips for standing on feet all day

If your job requires you to stand all day, you might have your concerns to think about. When you are standing and walking around for your posts like the waiter, nurse, or construction worker, you will burn calories and make your body more active. But holding all day can bring such dangerous impacts on your body. It can cause back pain, painful feet, joints problems, knees problem, and many more. Here are simple tips to protect your feet from illness, injury, and discomfort. Below are the top tips for standing on feet all day:

Get the right shoes or boots to stand on feet all day:

If you have flat feet, wearing proper shoes for working can make a huge difference. For those who stand all day, the footwear holds an important key to maximize their comfort and productivity. Make sure to find the shoes that are comfortable and cushioned well. Many people who have more full toes are often complaining about the narrow shoes that make their feet hurt. If you have more full toes, make sure to choose the shoes that have more room for your feet. When you stand for hours, your feet will swell. You will want to make room to stretch so that your feet won’t feel pain.

Take a break:

Since you are standing for a long time, it is sensible to take a sitting break for a while. In the place of work, you deserve the tears because you do all the standing. At lunchtime, try to sit down, eat, and relax. Sit in the proper posture as well. Make sure your back is straight and up your head.

Treat your feet at home:

Many people overlook the mistake. They tend to get rested after getting home. You have ample time to give yourself a foot treatment. You can have a foot massage. If manual work is not your thing, you could purchase automatic massager that you can find on the market. Nowadays, many brands issue their products in a much cheaper way. You can turn the tool on while you watch TV or browse around the net.


The intense standing activity can make your muscles and joints stiffer. In the long run, it can make your feet painful. You can prevent this from happening by stretching. Depending on where you work, you could have the stretching in the break time, or when there is no customer on your sight. Minor stretching can help you a lot in relaxing your muscles and joints.

Have an appropriate posture:

The right posture that you conduct can prevent injury from happening. Not only help you with the neck and back but also keep your flat feet rejuvenated and fit for hiking. Make sure to keep your back straight with the belly button pulled in. Don’t tend to nod. Up your head so that your shoulders will be in the right position.

Routine exercise to stop feet from hurting:

When your job or routine activity demands on your feet and legs, it is an excellent idea to prepare your body for the challenges. The fitness of your body is the key to the endurance and ability to stand up all day and being on feet all day.

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