Nordictrack A2550 Pro Treadmill Review

Nordictrack A2550 Pro Treadmill Review

The NordicTrack A2550 treadmill is packed with all the features you will ever need in a fitness machine. It has the innovative iFiT workout card technology which is designed by a certified personal trainer that automatically adjusts the speed and incline of the machine while a voice of a personal trainer guides you through the whole workout. It also has 10 ifit weight loss workouts and 8 ifit classic workouts. For a more intense time on the treadmill, the NordicTrack A2550 treadmill has 0% to 12% 1-Touch incline and 0-12 mph quick-touch speed. The NordicTrack A2550 treadmill is built to suit your personal needs in weight loss and fitness. With its custom workout center and fitness age center, your workout will be more personalized.

It is also equipped with a training zone indicator which uses your personal information to determine the level of your workout intensity. Combined with the club-design cardio-grip heart rate monitor which enables you to maintain within your target training zone, the results of a more fit and healthy body is just within reach. Added features of the NordicTrack A2550 treadmill include its innovative 2.5” precision machined rollers, a 2.5 chp commercial plus motor for a smooth machine throughout your entire workout, its 22”x55” running treadbelt, an interplay universal dock for iPod where you can listen to your favorite tunes, a stylish solaris LED control panel and a self-locking latch for more convenience even after treadmill use. There’s nothing more to ask for with the NordicTrack A2550 treadmill. Good points Upgraded from the popular selling Nordictrack A2550 Supports the new iFit Live technology Reasonable retail price and is a pretty good bargain when it sells for less than retail (i.e when it’s on sale) Above average weight capacity suggesting it’s well built piece of machinery Bad points On paper, the PRO version is not that much of an improvement over the non Pro version iFit live requires separate purchase which would cost another. Comments Unlike the Nordictrack A2550 Pro where it was actually the “Pro” version of the Nordictrack A2550, the Nordictrack A2750 Pro does not actually have a “non pro” version as far as we’re aware of. In many ways, these two treadmills are very similar with the Nordictrack A2750 Pro coming up ahead in a few small categories with the main improvements being more workout programs,a larger belt which is in turn supported by a more powerful treadmill motor. However, for most people, we would think that neither of these improvements are truly necessary unless you’re particularly tall and thus need the extra stride room. Thus, it’s better to stick with the slightly more affordable but similarly built A2550 Pro. At, the A2750 Pro is an above average deal and if you ever see it at, it would truly be an awesome deal.

Newly redesigned for 2009 Superior to the Audiostrider 800 in almost every way including price A lot of preinstalled programs and a iFit technology Audio coaching (workout programs have fitness trainers who motivate you) functionality which seems exclusive to the Audiostrider Treadmills Reasonable retail price and even more reasonable sale price Two stride lengths Average in construction quality The AudioStrider A2550 Treadmill is one of those examples where the starting price is fairly reasonable so when it goes on sale for a hundred or two hundred less, it makes for a impressively good deal. Although not the most solidly constructed, the AudioStrider is a solid contender for the segment of the market that wants a little more than an entry level Treadmill. Develop a better body with one of NordicTrack’s innovative Treadmills. Experience the NordicTrack AudioStrider A2550 Treadmill’s features including an 18″ to 22″ stride length. Your stride can be adjusted from 18″ to 22″ as the incline increases up to 30%. It lets you work more of your muscles and burn more calories so you maximize the use of the equipment. The workouts are also better because it has 20 personal trainer workouts, 2 heart rate workouts, and 2 learned programs that you can actually personalize. The 1-Touch workout programming lets you choose your preferred exercise with just 1 touch of a button. Other features include a plug-in for your mp3 player. You can now exercise and listen to music through its high-end speaker and subwoofer components. The Intermix Acoustics Sound System is integrated into the console for your ultimate listening experience. This Treadmill also has a Carb Counter, a club design CardioGrip heart rate monitor, 1-Touch workout programming, AutoBreeze fan, IFit Workout Card Technology, high-resolution Grafixx display, upper-body workout arms with soft grips, 1-Touch resistance, 30-degree motorized power ramp, SMR, and SpaceSaver design. It can hold up to 325-lb. capacity.

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