Tips for girls how to match your shoes with the dress

Tips for girls how to match your shoes with the dress
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Diamonds are a woman’s biggest friend they say. Actually, the shoes are! If you were to pick between a diamond ring or fifty pairs of shoes? What will you pick? Don’t think so hard, the answer is simple. Yes, there’s a lot more there is than that meets the eye, and yes we are here to talk all about it. It’s not rocket science; you just need to get the basics right. So here’s everything you need to know about ‘How to suit your shoes with the dress.

Types of Shoes for dress

The word ‘shoes’ means individually to men and women. Let’s park the men for now also see everything that falls under the category for us women and more how to style them.

  1. Peep Toes

The simplest way to do this is to remember that peep toes go well with bare legs. So, any dress that is each short or knee-length will be a great match. If you’re not comfortable in stilettos, go with wedges, and they can be worn with casual wear too. Try the flat peep toes look for opaque leggings or jeggings with tops that get to the hip.

  1. Pumps

Pumps simply translate to urban and chic, meaning any outfit with a chic appeal will constantly be a good match. Styles like pantsuits, cigarette pants, pencil skirts, and long formal dresses, etc., you get the concept, don’t you? Having said that, short dresses with or without sheer stocking look fairly great with these. In winters, trench coats or long fur jackets with skinny jeans take this look to the following level.

  1. Small Heels

If you’re one of these who has a love-hate relationship with heels, small heels are your biggest bet that comes closest to providing you the satisfaction of wearing heels. Meet in the middle between the two also get shoes with a tad bit heel. If you’re looking for something that complements your office wear, this is again your savior. It gives you a nice high look and spruces up the look for you.

  1. Boots

What is the first thing that gets to your mind when you think of boots? Winter? Now, that is defining it! Because boots are no more than winter wonders. Yes, they attach to the charm while the fall season, but they can do more than that. Sport the ankle and knee-length ones with a leather jacket and jeans, short dresses or long dresses, cape, and skinny jeans, etc.

  1. Gladiators

From being a difficult piece of fashion accessory to a must-have in each fashionista’s shoe closet, these have come a long way. Nude ankle length sandals are your safest bet and match the greatest dresses. While we say most dresses—it means something that ends near the calves preferably. The knee-length ones with table strings go well with boho-inspired dresses and shorts, or also with long dresses with knee-length, perhaps. It’s worth mentioning that you can bypass them if you have chunky legs or go with the ones with thicker straps.

Doing Color Combinations to match your shoes with the dress:


There is not much of a wonderment element here, but black goes with everything completely. So, invest in a few pairs of black sandals. Stilettos, boots, pumps, or wedges come a great way and will be your rescue rangers on a rainy day. Or if it’s your first pair of a model you’re feeling into black it is!


Have you listened to this before? Nudes are acknowledged to give your feet an elongated glance. It sounds lame, isn’t it? It might not in the real sense, but fashion is all about producing an illusion and make-believe. These were attached to the shoe closet staple list a long time ago, and you should see them if you haven’t already. Go for nudes if your dress is heavily embellished or swanky to bring a balance except you want it to append to the sparkle.


Fashion habits are changing. Gone are the days when it was reflected uber cool to match every single detail of your dressing. So balancing your shoes with the dress, except it’s black is not-so-uber-cool anymore. Go for it by all means but do not exceed it, as it’s a trend with one leg at the exit gate. Complementing colors are a great yes!


A style observation with animal prints is big and elevate your look instantly. Assume wearing a simple black T-shirt, skinny jeans, and a set of printed sandals or an LBD with the same. It’s an excellent combination. But do not overdo the whole outfit with these, if your sandals are printed let everything is muted and subdued. Prints and patterns are a generous hit, don’t miss out on these!

Finally,  if you spend on these five shoe styles, you genuinely have an amazingly versatile dress shoe closet, and you can hold off on investments and possibly spend on other parts of your wardrobe. If you’re interested in a quality shoe with a flexible sole made out of soft Italian leather, we urge you to take a look at Ace Marks because they have the classic styles in a very elegant last that is very beautiful, timeless, and it won’t break the bank.

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