Easy techniques of blousing your boots like a pro

How to Blouse Boots

How to Blouse Boots

Blousing boots mean to tuck your trouser into your boot. It is not something for fashion or not even for looking cool. It is something more essential for your service on duty. Especially if you are on a service like military, army, marines, policemen, firefighter even as a pilot. These traditional servicemen always maintain their strict dress code with your uniforms. The blousing boot is mandatory for them. They often need to protect their feet in an emergency. Also, blousing boots can prevent bugs and debris from falling into the boot. As well as protect the trousers while they are on prone. So, knowing how to blouse boots is a must for them.

However, the blousing boot technique is not limited but also a skill for outdoor activities. It can save your boot and trouser during your hiking, riding hunting or cycling. Simply you can apply this skill within a few minutes. Unless you need to be a pro to blouse your boot alone!

How to Use Boot Blousers?

The blousing boot is a very handy technique as well as a simple way to apply. It is not for a fashionable look but the traditional benefit of the technique. You can also apply these methods for your boot blouse. There are several tips and techniques that you can follow to blouse your boot. But using a boot blousers can be easier to follow this method. You can either use a boot blouse strap or a boot blouse band to do this.

Using a BootStrap:

If you are likely to blouse your boot by using a strap, then simply wear a strap inside your pants. This is a very simple method without any hassle.

  • Just put the strap over your boot exactly where you want to blouse your boot.
  • Then tuck the bottom of your pants. Fold it twice or thrice as required and put it inside the strap.
  • Then adjust your pants so that the strap remains hidden by your pants.

Using a strap is very much comfortable and it will hold your pants from slipping.

Using an Elastic Band:

Another simplest way to blouse your boot using an elastic band with your boot. You can quickly blouse your boot with an elastic band. Also, elastic bands are perfect for blousing cause it does not block the airflow like the strap. Again, bands are easy accessories to use with a boot. You can use any standard rubber band also for this.

  • Pull your trouser a bit then wraps the band with your leg
  • Now gently fix the bottom of your pants beneath the band
  • Finally, adjust your pants by pulling it down and get a gentle boot blouse.

This band technique is commonly used by all over. But being an elastic rubber band, you should know its downside also. You can get uncomfortable holding a rubber band for long hours of duty. Also, you need to consider this fact if you spend too much time on outdoor activities, especially in cold weather.

Why Do Marines and Military Blouse Their Boots?

Professionals like Marines and Military always blouse their boots. It’s mandatory for them with their dress code. As we mentioned earlier it is not for a fashion but it has technical benefits. It is a traditional technique for the marines and military since world wars. You might also notice that in world war movies.

However, Marines and Military Blouse their boot for some of these reasons –

  1. It protects their boots and trouser uniforms
  2. It’s a part of their traditional dress code
  3. It has some proven benefits for outdoor and emergency
  4. It tucks in the boot to prevent crawlies
  5. It also prevents their pants from riding up the leg when they move and prone
  6. It also prevents water from wicking up to their pants and wetting their boots.
  7. Prevents bugs, insects, and debris to fall into the boot even to enter into the pants
  8. Blousing boot looks less messy with their uniforms
  9. It also looks neat and tip-top fit
  10. The blousing boot is more comfortable than any other for work and outdoor activity.

How to Blouse Army and Marine Boots?

Soldiers like the Army and Marine always blouse their boots. It’s an obligatory part of their dress code. There are some common couple of ways to blouse Army and Marine boots. For example, blouses with a pair of blousing bands or rubber bands. Let’s see how to blouse Army and Marine Boots using a pair of bands. Follow these 5 simple steps to blouse your army and marine boot instantly.

  • Step 1 Pull off your pants up to your knee.
  • Step 2: Set the blousing band above your sock and put down your pants.
  • Step 3: Find the band position and pinch and roll back the extra-long of your pants.
  • Step 4: Then tuck it beneath your pants with the help of the blousing band.
  • Step 5: Now, adjust your trouser smoothly using your hand.

How to Blouse Boots Without Boot Blousers?

Using the blousing boots technique is a very common and helpful trick that you can apply. We mentioned a couple of ways and demonstrated that. But in case you are still stuck with this technique let me know that you can still blouse your boot without anything like boot blouses.

Well, there are two ways to blouse your boot without boot blouses.

  1. Directly Tuck Pants on The Boot
  2. With Battle Dress Uniform Pants (BDU pants)

Directly Tuck Pants on The Boot

If you don’t find a band or anything to blouse your boots you can still get the blousy look without any bands. Most probably it is the easiest way you ever know.

  • Just get on your pants
  • Hold the flattened fabric around your ankles, fold it if there is extra.
  • Put your boot and slide all the extra parts directly on your boot. Just as simple as that.

With Battle Dress Uniform Pants (BDU pants)

If you dislike following any steps but still demanding to blouse your boot then ignore all of them. Just simply use special uniform pants or trousers for the purpose. These pants are known as Battle Dress Uniforms Pants, BDU pants in short. These uniforms pants are specially made for blousing. So that you don’t need to follow any steps. Just using BDU pants can solve your problem. Also, these pants are highly durable and greatly suitable for outdoor activity.

Ending words

It is always helpful to know different techniques and apply them instantly. You will never know which one you will need depending on your situation. Hopefully, these simple and easy techniques will help you out if you are not familiar with the blousing technique before. All of these pretty Simple Methods of Blousing Boots give you an exciting experience of wearing boots like A PRO.

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