Chelsea Boots FAQ

What are Chelsea boots
Chelsea Boots FAQ

Chelsea boots had originated back in the Victorian era. Quite iconic since the 60s in Britain, they have become one of the most popular boots of today’s times. One of the features that identify Chelsea boots is the loop of fabric or pull-tab often seen at the back of each shoe. The mod scene was where these shoes were the most popular. If you want to know more about these boots, read our Chelsea boots FAQ.

What are Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots are quite close fitting boots that are ankle-high in height. They also have an elastic side panel and rounded toes with a low heel. These unisex boots were worn by both men and women even in the Victorian era. They are usually made from vulcanized rubber or leather. Outside London, Chelsea boots are commonly known as Dealer boots. During the early 60s, the Beatles had a significant contribution towards popularizing Chelsea boots.

Where to buy or get Chelsea boots?

Chelsea boots can be bought all over the world at various retailers. Some of the stores where you will be able to buy a pair are Boot Barn, Macy’s and Nordstrom. Other than that, Chelsea boots can be found at Aldo, Target and The Frye Company as well. Beyond the US, Chelsea boots are usually carried by all the mainstream boot or shoe stores. The widely popular status of this shoe makes it quite easy to find one to purchase it.

How to dress and wear Chelsea boots?

They can be styled and worn in many different ways. You can pull them off with both relaxed casual looks as well as sharp and classic looks. Chelsea boots can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the outfit you wear it with. Usually, the leather boots are worn with more formal attires and the suede boots are worn with more casual attires.

What to wear with Chelsea boots?

What you should wear with your Chelsea boots depends on what look you are deciding to go for. Surprisingly, they can be worn as an alternative to sneakers. They can be paired well with t-shirts, skinny jeans and pieces of denim if you’re going for a casual look. Chelsea boots can also be worn with more sleek and smart looks that are still within the casual lane. They pair well with roller neck sweaters, coats, and dark jeans. For more formal attire, what you should wear with Chelsea boots are dark-colored suits.

How to style and fit Chelsea boots?

There are some things you need to keep in mind in order to style and wear Chelsea boots. If you’re wearing trousers, make sure that they sit right at the top of your boots. A good way to choose the right Chelsea boots for a particular style is to pick suede for casual and leather for formal looks. Chelsea boots usually fit you quite nicely if you buy the right size. However, if there are any gaps and you want them to fit better, just wear an extra pair of socks.

How to wear Chelsea boots with jeans?

The great thing about these boots is that they come in many colors as well. The right combinations of the color of the jeans you wear with the color of your boots will help you pull off a good look. Light blue jeans go well with tan-colored boots while black and gray boots also go well with almost any other shade of jeans.

When to wear Chelsea boots?

Since Chelsea boots are so versatile, they can be worn for many different occasions ranging from laid-back events to quite formal ones. When it comes to the weather, Chelsea boots are a must-have when it comes to your summer boot collection.

How to clean Chelsea boots?

There is a particular way to clean suede Chelsea boots. However, it is not tough. What you’ll need is a suede brush. Secondly, make sure the boots are dry before starting the process. Then, brush the shoes to get the scuff marks off. After cleaning the shoes, use a suede protective spray to keep them protected.


Chelsea boots are the kind of boots that are timeless and will never get old. No matter what your personal preferred style is, Chelsea boots have the capability to embody it. Hopefully, we were able to answer some of your questions on them.


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