Nordictrack C900 Pro Treadmill Review


Working out is fun! Gym members can atest that working out brings out the best in them. Even more so when working out can be done at the convenience of your own home. The Nordictrack C900 Pro has been a top choice among home gym owners. It is full of amazing features that can certainly make working out at home worthwhile. Pain in the knees and heels has been a problem after working out. Fortunately, this machine has the Quadriflex Cushioning system that prevents post-workout joint pains. This can make you workout to the max! You’re saying you don’t have a workout regimen? Not to worry! With over 32 Built-in Workout programs installed, all you have to do is pick the right one for you. This was made by fitness experts basing from the needs of every body type out there. This also comes with the In-handle 1-Touch control making you in command over your own workout. Just adjust the speed and incline arrows on the handlebars and you’re on your way to health and wellness. Blast your eyes with the Compatible Music Port feature. Grab your iPods and plug it in while working out. You can listen to your favorite workout music while you do your thing. This can certainly keep your mind focused and making you determined to reach your fitness goals faster.

All these and more only with the C900 Pro. Home gym owners have been raving about this machine and now it’s time that you have one. Don’t let yourself deprived of this amazing machine! Grab your very own C900 Pro today! Good Points The C900 Pros features a pacious 20”x60” belt and decent 3.0 CHP motor. For the potential price that it sells at when it’s on sale, both of these are above average The 2012 C900 Pro is a slightly upgraded version to the 2011 C900 with an increased number of workout apps and “in-handle controls” which allows you to adjust the speed and incline directly on the handle bars. Both the 2011 and 2012 version sells at a retail price of so we expect the sale price to be about the same 32 built-in workout programs is impressive at any price point but to find it here is even more impressive 350 lb weight capacity is on the high end of user capacities for any brand at any price Bad Points Though we think the 350 lb weight capacity is impressive, this is countered by the short warranty and the fact that we don’t know what the machine weight is. In other words, we’re saying we’re not too confident in regards to how the C900 Pro will hold up to heavy use It supports iFit Live but you need to make a separate purchase which is not necessarily bad but doesn’t benefit you, the buyer at all if you don’t invest the extra Verdict If you don’t see this treadmill on sale, you shouldn’t buy it. There are a lot of other choices you can spend on instead. With that said, a price makes the C900 Pro worth buying considering the overall package though we wouldn’t be necessarily rushing to empty our wallets. At that price, it’s just a good but not quite an awesome deal. We don’t expect it to go much lower than though it certainly is possible at certain times of the year. Depending on the type of user you are, the C900 Pro may or may not be the treadmill for you. I say this for several reasons. Users who are serious runners may be turned off by the 3 year parts warranty which is above average for a treadmill but may be too short in general for users that are able to quickly wear down their treadmills. On the other hand, casual users should find this relatively well equipped C900 Pro sufficient but for those who like to experiment with the newest technology without breaking the bank, the extra for the iFit Live module is something you might want to consider.

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