Nordictrack C-1630 Pro Treadmill Review


NORDICTRACK C1630 PRO The 1630 Pro is thhe newest addition to Nordictrack’s C Series Treadmills. It is the perfect pair of technology and power. Get the best of both worlds — a variety of training options are available and you can even push yourself to a hardcore workout minus the stress on account of its full deck cushioning system. This unit features four sets of spring-encased cushioning installed across its frame in 8 points that will absorb shock and significantly reduce impact on the body by at least 30%. This unit is iFit-enabled and that means you can train with no other than Jillian Michaels, America’s toughest trainer. You can even run trails as far as Paris or Barcelona or any trail you choose on Google Maps and the machine’s 0 to 15% incline and -3 to 0% decline will ensure you get the feel of the real running experience on those trails. All C Series Treadmills are heavy duty. This specific unit runs on a smooth 3.25 CHP Durx Commercial Pro motor equipped with dual cooling fans and sports a 20″ x 60″ treadbelt. It’s built to accommodate up to a 375-pound user. Like all other NordicTrack products, the C1630 Pro comes with a lifetime warranty on its frame, deck, and motor. Parts and electronics are covered by a 5-year warranty and labor is covered for 2 years. NORDICTRACK C1630 PRO Review Price We’re reviewing the Nordictrack C1630 Pro based on a sale price of. Price Comparison of the Nordictrack C1630 Pro and the Nordictrack C970 Pro The Nordictrack C1630 Pro is currently on sale at, while the C970 Pro is priced at. Comparison of the Nordictrack 1630 Pro and the Nordictrack C970 Pro Both models belong to Nordictrack’s C treadmill series which capitalizes on the Comfort that these models provide to the user during workouts.

As far as the bells and whistles category is concerned, both models have a cooling fan, a built-in sound system, quick keys, cushioning and wireless chest straps. For the basic features, the C1630 Pro takes the lead in the motor category by having a slightly higher rating of 3.25HP over the C970 Pro’s 3.0HP. Although both models have identical belt sizes of 20″ x 60″ and a maximum speed of 12mph, the C1630 Pro still earns additional points by having a decline function which you rarely see on treadmills at this price. The C1630 Pro also has 2 more additional programs and a slightly bigger console display. A most important difference between these two models is the warranty coverage. Expectedly, the more expensive model has the longer warranty. To be specific, the C1630 Pro has a lifetime frame, motor & deck Warranty, 5 years for parts & electronics and 2 years for labor. On the other hand, the C970 Pro has a lifetime frame & motor coverage, 3 years for parts and only 1 year for labor. To summarize, there’s a difference between these two models. Main advantages of the more expensive C1630 Pro are the following- stronger motor, a decline function, 2 additional programs, a slightly bigger console display, and longer warranties. For us, here’s the bottom line – You get decent treadmill features for a sub- treadmill if you purchase the C970 Pro. However, if you can afford to splurge some more and if you’re more serious about your training, then you can opt to choose the upgraded C1630 Pro for your home treadmill. What Makes The Nordictrack C1630 Pro Worth Buying? -This unit’s powerful 3.25 HP motor and its tread belt size of 20″ x60″ give it an edge over the other models in the same price category. – You won’t find many treadmills offering a decline feature, especially not at this price. The -3% decline option helps simulate running downhill which adds variation to your workout. -A wireless chest strap is also an amenity that is not expected for sub- treadmills. You’ll benefit a lot from this feature since it provides more accurate heart rate monitoring feedback during workouts. – As far as bells and whistles are concerned, this model has a cooling fan, an iPod-compatible audio port, quick keys and Quadflex cushioning. Added together, these features help make your workouts more enjoyable and comfortable. What Makes The Nordictrack C1630 Pro NOT Worth Buying? – 375-pound user weight capacity is not supported by credible machine weight information. So we’re a little doubtful about this unit’s stability especially for users who are on the heavy side. – Good news is that this unit is iFit enabled. However, before you can enjoy the benefits of this feature you would still need to purchase an iFit membership.

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