Best Lineman boots- perfect for a lineman’s journey

Best Lineman boots- perfect for a lineman's journey
Best Lineman boots- perfect for a lineman's journey

Being a lineman is a great thing because everyone looks up to a lineman. A small number of people can do this job. The lineman’s job is to climb up to the extremely peak of the poles the electrical savors are ceased from and make assured they are performing and regulate them if they are not. This is also a risky job. The worker’s animus is intersecting into refitting and monitoring the savors and trying not to collapse.

Recommended list of best lineman boots:

1. What kind of boots does a lineman wear?

The linemen do not need to do a lot of walking, but they need to go up to the very top which has its identical setback. Safeguard from electrical shock and cold or wet environments is necessary for a lineman. They also need well-upholstered heels and strong outsoles. That is why they need to wear one kind of boots that are must not only be water-preventive but preventive to slips as well.

2. How to become a lineman?

To advance to enter this industry, it is a subsidiary to have a two-year associate’s degree or certification from a trade school. To apply for a position as a lineman, you need to highlight your educational and professional background in a well-written resume.

3. How much money does a lineman make?

The whole universe is dependent on electricity. Without electricity, you cannot get fresh food to eat, because food-based industries are dependent on electricity. Even you would not be able to use your mobile phone or laptop. And if there is any problem with electric wire then the linemen climb up to the top of electric poles and fix the problem can be risky. As they do these hard and risky works they deserve a good salary. They get their desire salary but you know that money is nothing when their life is at risk.

4. Is being a lineman worth it?

Linemen have to do more dangerous work than those who work on the site. For this, their materials and boots play a vital role in their overall indemnity. They must confer in a couple of boots that are created to equip the single destiny of their top-climbing work.

5. Where to buy lineman boots?

It is very difficult for a lineman to find a suitable couple of boots. If you are a lineman then here are few best options for you to get started on your search and some effective knowledge about how to choose a pair that’s exactly suitable for your work. And you will get the best lineman boots through these options.

You can buy the best lineman boots from your nearby shoe shop like Bata, Apex. If you want to purchase online then you can make an online order from, as well as you can order from different types of online shops. Here you can see some reviews of different lineman boots.

6. Best lineman boots review section:

Linemen do not wear boots simply for show. Linemen boots are a very momentous surety arsenal. The soles have to be thick, insulated, and with good traction and yet somehow also conduct to be lightweight. This may be difficult to find a suitable couple of boots for this line of work. Didn’t mean to pun this time! I swear! Difficult as it is, it is eventual. It is possible. You can do a little research to find suitable boots for you. And then you are sure to find a pair of boots just right for the job. Keep your feet going so you can keep the lights going, in your house and everyone else’s!

Wesco Highliner 10″ Lineman Work Boot Black

Wesco Highliner 16" Work Boots Redwood RW9716100This boot is expensive. There are various options for its size. A lineman can purchase his desired size easily. This boot is made of leather. Their Shaft measures approximately 10 from arch. These types of boots do not have steel toes. Maybe a custom version includes steel toes but you cannot get them on amazon. But they have a steel shank. This boot is not insulated. If you need waterproof boots then add mink oil with the lather. By adding mink oil they can be made waterproof. An electrician needs to do a lot of climbing, ladders, scaffolding, building steel, towers, etc. The Wesco Highliner is the boot they wear exclusively. The Wesco Highliners boots have an amazing quality. You cannot find this quality in another boot.

These boots have amazing craftsmanship also. They fit amazing, with all-day comfort. And they provide the protection and stability that a lineman needs. They are also rebuilding able. This is worth every penny! So I must say that they are one of the best lineman boots.


Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Non-Insulated with Steel Safety Toe

Kenetrek Lineman Extreme Non-Insulated with Steel Safety ToeThis is another option for the best lineman boots. They are less expensive than Wesco Highliner 10″ Lineman Work Boot Black. This boot is made of leather. They have a rubber sole. This boot is not included a steel shank. They feature a full-length 7mm nylon platform instead of a steel shank. This boot consists of 10″ tall leather uppers made from 2.8 mm full-grain leather feature double and triple stitching throughout for added durability. This boot is waterproof. A waterproof membrane and no insulation keeps linemen dry and let them focus on the job at hand. A lineman can get excellent ankle support from Kenetrek lineman extreme non-insulated with steel safety toe boots. This boot is well-made but is quite heavy and noisy or clunky. The weight of the boot, so far, has not posed a problem for a lineman. This boot is maybe tougher for their price but they are very comfortable to use. Kenetrek lineman extreme non-insulated with steel safety toe boots is Very tough and durable with a lot of support.


Chippewa Men’s 9″ Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot

Chippewa Men's 9" Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH Logger Boot This boot is made in the United State of America. They are made of 100% lather. The sole of this shoe is synthetic. The shaft measures approximately 9″ from the arch. Wearing This boot if Linemen work in a minus 20-degree environment then their feet stay warm. They can also wear them in 100 degrees, Temps, with no issues. Linemen should be a 1/2 or full size larger as they are sized a bit tight for a snug fit. These are very well made and comfortable boots. Chippewa Men’s 9 boots are very thick. There are no other boots available that are as thicker as Chippewa Men’s 9 boots. They have a break-in period and the break-in period is painless. This broken period is about one week long.

This boot is HEAVY! Chippewa boots weigh probably 4 pounds each, I have never had boots that weighed anywhere near this, so it is an adjustment, one that is worth the effort though. Usually walking over uneven and soft ground and/or gravel would kill anyone’s feet, so this is a step in the right direction, so to speak. So this is one of the Best lineman boots.


Georgia Boot Men’s Loggers G7313 Work Boot

Georgia Boot Men's Boot These imported shoes are made of 100% lather. Various price is available on select option. There are different sizes that are available. Buyers can easily pick their desired size.

They have a rubber sole. Shaft measures approximately Ankle” from arch. This is a waterproof boot. Georgia boot men’s loggers G7313 work boot has a steel toe. This boot is heavy. They have good lather quality. Georgia Boot Men’s boots are great pole climbing boots reasonably priced. Have a steel shank that is good for a lineman to clime pole. This boot comes in wide boot sizes also. They are warm. Your feet are not freezing off about ten degrees below. They are waterproof as stated. If you walking through the snow for a couple of hours your feet stayed dry. They look good, authentic. Something you can also look good in at the small-town bar. So you can get the Best lineman boot at a reasonable price here.


7. How to wear lineman boots?

You have seen here four types of Best lineman boots. But taking care of your boots is also an issue. It’s a petty additional exertion, but it will keep something special in good shape for a very long time. If you put petty care into the conservancy of your boots you will add additional years to their life. You will likely run into the mud a lot on the job. It is mud that does the most damage to boots. You should never allow mud to dry on leather. This will let the oils seep out. Dry leather breakage easily especially at hinge points. Scour mud off your boots with clean water as soon as you can. Do not use any soap to clean your boots. Water will usually be enough but you can use baking soda also. Baking soda may help. Waxing your leather boots not only makes them look good but keeps them waterproof and makes the overall boot more flexible and thus more comfortable. So Always clean the mud off your boots and wax them often.

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