Top Home Remedies for Neck Pain

Does the term “Neck pain” sound familiar to you? Indeed, a lot of people have been through this sore at least once in their life.

What is Neck Pain?

The pain can happen anyplace in your neck, from the bottom to the top of your neck. Pain areas tend to become bigger, they spread out all over your shoulder and arms. This problem prevents you from moving your neck forward or rotating around. Neck pain is not life-threatening, but it is going to cause a big effect on us. The headache, intense hurt, inability to change the position will stop you from doing anything in daily life, not to mention important works. Neck pain regularly occurs among people who are over 50 years old.

What caused Neck Pain?

Your neck is made up of many bones, ligaments, and muscles that assist your head and protect cervical vertebrae. So any uncommon activities, bad conditions, or injuries can lead to neck pain. The most reasons for neck pain are stress, depression, wrong sleeping postures, long hours of bending, or gazing at the computer screen. Other certain reasons are injuries such as fall down the stairs, have a traffic accident, or unfortunately the worst one – spinal cancer. In those cases, you should see the doctor for a proper diagnosis. However, if you just have neck pain for a few days, not a chronic one, you can cure it at home with natural remedies. It will not take you much time to get rid of neck pain by yourself, besides those treatments are very friendly to your health.

Here are some top home remedies for neck pain that you can easily face this problem at home and the results will be significant.

1. Massage

Massage is the most effective way to reduce pain symptoms. It will help your neck relaxed, relieve the pressure on your spinal cord, and promote blood flow. Furthermore, your sleep is likely to become better. You should receive the message after taking a hot bath in order to get the most amazing consequence. You can also use olive or lotion to keep the neck muscles warm and to provide nutrients absorbed through the skin. This home remedy needs to be repeated every day as long as the pain is disappeared.

2. Ice Pack

Using an ice pack is a simple tip to treat neck pain. The cold feeling eases the condition of the wound speedy and makes you feel pleasant. You can find some ice easily right in your kitchen and start to do the following steps.

  • Get some ice cubes in a pack.
  • Put the pack directly on your hurt to cure the stiff neck.
  • Hold there at least 20 minutes.

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender can be considered a useful home remedy for neck pain. It will bring the most wonderful effect on the pain when used together with “Massage remedy”. This solution is able to decrease the bad symptoms gradually and help you feel peaceful.

  • Take a hot bath and wipe your skin dry.
  • Get a teaspoon of lavender oil, then rub it all over your neck.
  • Massage your neck with this oil for several minutes.
  • Keep doing this therapy twice a day.

4. Turmeric

Another plain home remedy for neck pain is turmeric. With anti-inflammatory and antiseptic substances in turmeric, it can strongly reduce the sore and numbness of your neck. Turmeric assists the circulation of the blood as well. How to use it?

  • Pour one tablespoon of turmeric into a glass of milk, then stir the liquid.
  • Warm it up for a few minutes.
  • Add some honey and wait for it to be cool.
  • Drink the mixture and repeat this remedy 2 or 3 times a day as needed.

5. Acupuncture

This special method can help you get rid of neck pain by using tiny needles. Acupuncture brings you many benefits that it will ease the pain immediately, stimulate the function of your body, and comfort all your parts. To follow this treatment, you need to find a qualified therapist to solve your problem.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an amazing solution to neck pain. Thanks to its useful antioxidant content, it is able to handle the hurt and stiffness in your neck quickly. Moreover, apple cider vinegar supplies your health with a lot of nutrients. The usages of this remedy:

  • Pour some drops of apple cider vinegar into a soft towel.
  • Place it over the ache and wait for two hours, then take it off.
  • Do it once again on the next day to cure the pain.

Aside from helping you treat neck pain, apple cider vinegar is also a natural home remedy for many other problems. Find out more at Home Remedies for Amebiasis.

7. Ginger

Like turmeric, ginger is well-known as a medicinal property in nature. Ginger would be eaten directly or put over the aching area to stay away from the neck pain.

  • Try to consume the ginger in your daily meal
  • Another option is to cut the ginger into some slices and place them all over the hurt in order to get rid of neck pain

8. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is an ideal tip for you to deal with neck pain. Because of its pungent flavor, cayenne pepper will analgesic the pressure on the neck so as to lower the pain. You should prepare a teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder and some olive oil. Mix it together and pour it on the sore, then you continue doing it twice a day until the condition is better.