Official Boston Marathon Tread 3.0 Treadmill Review

Official Boston Marathon Tread 3.0 Treadmill Review

Cardio workouts allows one to burn off as much fat as possible, improve your heart rate, and keeps you physically fit. The official Boston Marathon Treadmill 3.0 can help you achieve your weight loss and training goals. In order to provide you with a training experience like no other, Proform went all the way. Partnering with the elite Boston Athletic Association, Proform was able to arrive with a treadmill that arrives with HD video workouts. This particular video workout provides users of the actual Boston race course. But this is not the only thing that makes the Official Boston Marathon Treadmill 3.0 special. It also comes with a 20” x 62” non-stretch, 2-ply, commercial tread belt. The fastest runners in the world could not help but fall in love because of its 15 MPH quick speed control. Another great thing about the Official Boston Marathon Treadmill is its onboard marathon training programs that can greatly benefit both the avid and new runners. What really sets this particular treadmill apart from the rest is not just its 10” full-color touch screen or its compatible music port for iPod, but the ability of the Official Boston Treadmill 3.0 take you around the world through its iFit technology. This could be attained just by drawing a route through the console’s android-powered browser for it is able to tap into Google maps.

Strong Points

  • Minimalist (no handrails) design is refreshing but it could also be perceived as less safe by beginning runners
  • Sturdy motor (4.25 CHP) and spacious belt (20″*62″) combination
  • Very rare 15MPH max speed but probably few would be capable of running at this speed
  • Cadence training feature and Boston Marathon HD videos could be useful if you’re training for an event
  • If the Official Boston 3.0 Marathon Treadmill would come down in price, the 6-year parts and 3-year labor warranty would be very strong
  • Higher than usual 20% incline and steeper than usual 6% decline

Weak Points

  • iFit wireless module included but Proform did not state that it will be including a free trial membership


(Product reviewed at a price of $2999)

The Official Boston Marathon Treadmill 3.0 is a downgraded version of the 4.0 with noticeably fewer extra features. But the good news is it also comes a big drop in price as well from $3999 to $2999.

Here’s a list of features that are not found in the 3.0 but are found in the 4.0: SpeedRing, wireless heart rate monitor and adjustable cushioning.

At a price of $2999, we still feel the price is a little on the expensive side but should the 3.0 Boston Marathon Treadmill go on sale for a $1000 (which is very possible), the treadmill is suddenly a much more attractive option. This is assuming that you prefer the minimalist design over the traditional design with side handrails.

Finally, if you prefer a treadmill with similar features to the 3.0 Marathon treadmill but without the minimalist design, the Pro 9000 and Pro 7000 are two treadmills worth considering.

2017 Price Guide

Excellent Deal At $1800 / Great Deal At $2050 / Good Deal At $2300

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