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Ryka Skywalk review - PickFairly

Shoes meant for walking aren’t often found to be both lightweight and supportive at the same time. However, Ryka Sky Walk Walking Shoe for women provides exactly that. Ryka figured out what was lacking when it comes to the ease of walking in shoes specially designed for the purpose. They made sure to fill it without compromising its performance.

Ryka Women’s Sky Walk Walking Shoe, Weightless Functionality at your Feet

Here’s our Ryka Skywalk review if you want to know more:

Designed Beyond Comfort

Ryka Women's Sky Walk shoesThey have certain aspects that make them highly comfortable. Other than that, its appearance is a combination of sportiness as well as femininity. Offering a range of different colors and choices, it maintains its quality in terms of functionality. The features on this shoe contribute to both the way it looks as well as how it performs.

Features of Ryka Skywalk

This shoe is made of 100% breathable mesh and leather. The memory foam foot-bed provides unbelievable comfort during walking. Tons of cushioning that remain weightless also provides support. All these features were included in one shoe, keeping in mind the design of women’s feet and their functionality. The sole is made of rubber. On top of that, it is extremely flexible despite the supportive cushioning.


Moreover, it comes with molded EVA midsole and TPU midfoot shank. This means that the area beneath the arch of the feet has sturdy support. This is important for women’s feet because of the weight of their hips. If you are overweight, wear this shoe at the daily walking time.


While women have usually had to choose between comfort and support when it comes to walking shoes, Ryka Women’s Skywalk Walking Shoe brings a change. It gives you the option to be able to choose both in one shoe. If you have been struggling to find the right combination for your comfort and functionality, this is the shoe for you. This is also a great choice for bunions to walk. That’s all for our Ryka Skywalk review.

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