Ryka Influence shoes reviews

Ryka Influence shoes reviews

Ryka Women’s Influence Cross-Training Shoe, Dance Workout Shoes for You

Shoes that have meant for dancing and other activities that require pivotal movements must have specific features. The sole on them need to be of a particular type. Moreover, additional features, such as flatness and comfort, are essential as well. Certain motions involved in dance workouts need footwear support. Hence Ryka’s Influence Cross Training Shoes are here to provide it. Here’s our Ryka Shoe review of Influence if you want to know more.

Ryka Influence shoes have a Specific Design

The outsole design has circular pivot points that aid your motion during dance workouts. The configuration helps you to be more stable when you are making swirling motions around one point. The upper construction gives you more support than other regular dance shoes.

Features of Ryka Influence shoes

This shoe is made of a 100% fabric and has a rubber sole. The measurement of the shaft is approximately Low-Top” from the arch. For ease of movement, the traction outsole has footprint design and pivot points. The direct Fuse layers and flex-foil provide support. For cushioning during impact, the shoe has dual-density foam midsole with high impact N-Gage EVA energy return. The boots also have lace-up closure.


These shoes are perfect for you if you’re looking for dance workout shoes made specifically for women’s feet. They make the dance sessions more effortless with the comfort on your feet. This is because the shoes offer you stability with pleasure. That’s all there is to this Ryka Influence shoe review.

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