ProForm 4.0 X Elliptical Review


Don’t need to spend much for a reliable elliptical that promises you a lot in keeping you in top shape when you have the ProForm 4.0 X Elliptical which is effective and dependable. With a lot of amazing features, you will feel like you are in a real gym while enjoying the benefits of it in the comfort of your home. No need to worry about the trouble spots you have with the Quick Target Toning™ that focus on the areas like glutes, quads hamstrings and more. Simply select the trouble spots you want to concentrate on and the elliptical will do the rest! Plus, with ProForm 4.0 X Elliptical, you get a total body workout for your upper and lower body while burning calories and strengthen your cardio resistance. It also offers 8 Personal Trainer Workouts that adjust the resistance of the elliptical automatically. Other great features of ProForm 4.0 X Elliptical include dual-grip EKG™ Heart Rate Monitor that is built into the handlebars; Power Ramp™ to focus on different muscle groups; Quick Resistance™ (0-10) that you can adjust right away with a simple touch of a button; Target Pacer™; blue backlit display that shows your speed, time, distance, calories burned, fat calories burned and pulse; and the InterPlay™ Music Port that allows you to listen to your music while you workout. With all of these great features, losing weight and keeping you in shape doesn’t need to spend more when you have the ProForm 4.0 X Elliptical. Comments: Though this elliptical is on par with the top ellipticals at this price in terms of extras and features, it lacks the high quality craftsmanship that makes it worth buying. Two clues give away this elliptical’s poor quality: weight capacity and warranty. Bottom line, go with a newer Proform elliptical.

Hook with Jillian Michaels exercise program through iFit Live™ Compatible. Google Maps™ has made possible downloading of online fitness program, updates of profile, and customize personal workout plan. LCD is harder to read but the Multi-Window LED Display shows clear status of performance. Keep tracking exact figures of the speed, time, distance and amount of calories burned. Get realistic program on what you aim for. Browse the 15 Built-in Apps and choose the best plan that fits your needs. Run without counting. Let your body burn calories while your mind soak upbeat sound through Compatible Music Port for iPod® or MP3 plugged to the built-in Interplay® Music Port. An additional built-in sound system Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0 definitely enhances the workout experience. With Performance 400, the sky is the limit when pushing for the highest level of success. Aim high and choose the hardest challenge with Workout Intensity Control. Then check-out results of performance through Nike + iPod® Compatible. Sync the two to receive regular updates. Experience simulated terrain through automatic speed and incline control for each workout using wireless technology. Ensure your success in your training with the Proform Performance 400. Good points: Even at the original MSRP of, it’s not a terrible deal especially compared to a few years ago iFit Live compatible but requires the purchase of the adapter Proform now supports iPod even at the low end of the totem pole of its lineup Though the treadmill is not expensive, it also suggests that they have to be cutting corners somewhere to make it this affordable Potential headache if you plan on doing serious training on it Comments: The Proform Performance 400 certainly won’t be turning heads for its quality and features especially compared to the competition on the web these days. But this treadmill really does shine at if you’re looking for a truly entry level treadmill. Yes, there are some obvious problems like having only 15 built in workout programs with no iFit cards and requiring a separate purchase of the iFit Live module or having a very crappy warranty. Yes, the warranty truly is crappy. But understand that you’re only shelling out for something like. What can you expect, really. This treadmill is on the low end but there have been much worse at this price before. Worth a buy if you can’t afford to pay more. Designed for comfort with ProShox™ Lite Cushioning, the Proform Performance 400 provides a lot of options to test endurance and boost performance. Comfort is still number one factor when a roomy and noiseless treadmill belt is the 20″ x 55″ Treadbelt. Performance 400 has quiet and auto-cooling system with 2.25 CHP Mach Z™ Motor to accommodate heavy-duty use of 0–10% Quick Incline™ and 0–10 MPH QuickSpeed®. No need to more room space when Performance 400 can be folded and literally stand while in storage like SpaceSaver® Design intended.

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