Nordictrack ASR1000 Pro Elliptical Review

It has selected as the best treadmills based on customer compensation, stability, specialties and cost. Treadmills are among the most famous pieces of cardio fitness machine for both gym and house use but buying a treadmill is a big commitment, so we hope our rankings, reports and tools will help you get the ideal match. Please also visit our Best Buy Treadmill and Best Buy Elliptical pages for our current recommendations.


The Nordictrack ASR 1000 is selling for an incredible price of. This is than when we first reviewed it a few months ago. Although the Nordictrack ASR 1000 may not be the best overall elliptical in terms of quality of construction and feature specifications, the is an amazing price. There may be a possibility that Nordictrack is trying to clear up space for their newer models so they’re letting the older models go at a discounted price. Original Review Another featured packed elliptical. Arguably the elliptical with the most features. Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell how well this elliptical will hold up under regular use. With a 275 pound weight capacity, you can assume that it’s just average in the quality department. But it does comes with a one year warranty for parts and labor. For shelling out, this is the major blemish to an otherwise outstanding elliptical. Develop the body you want with the innovative NordicTrack ASR1000 Pro. This elliptical elevates exercising to a whole new level by adding life to your usual workout experience. Get yourself going as you work out to your favorite tunes just by plugging in your iPod or mp3 player. Feel the music and the high-quality sound from its built-in sound system. With the iFit Workout Card Technology, you can now have your very own personal trainer at home. You are prompted by the voice of a Certified Personal Trainer guiding you throughout the workout. You can also take advantage of its 4 weight-loss workouts where you could actually select the number of calories you want to burn, choose the duration, and the program does the rest. With this feature, you get to maximize burning excess calories. This elliptical also has a backlit display so it is easier for you to see your results. The NordicTrack ASR1000 PRO comes with a book rack so you don’t miss out on your favorite book even while exercising. It also has a water bottle holder for added convenience. It can accommodate weights of up to 300 lbs. Other features include a Club Design CardioGrip heart rate monitor, oversized pedals, digital resistance of up to 20, and an 18″ stride length. It has selected as the best Ellipticals based on customer compensation, stability, specialties and cost. Ellipticals are among the most famous pieces of cardio fitness machine for both gym and house use but buying a Elliptical is a big commitment, so we hope our rankings, reports and tools will help you get the ideal match. Please also visit our Best Buy Elliptical and Best Buy Elliptical pages for our current recommendations. Good points: Solid motor and belt offering for the price Comes with wireless heart rate strap Does not state how many workout programs it comes with Comments: The Nordictrack T ASR1000 is a potential solid contender but there are a few clouds hanging over it. For one, the product listing does not show how many programs it comes with, only that it’s iFit Live compatible which means you potentially have to shell extra money to make your workouts less boring. Additionally, the warranty is standard but not impressive which is kind of disappointing considering that with a 350 lb weight capacity, it should have come with a slightly longer warranty. But with that having been said, at a potential sale price of or even when it’s on sale, the Nordictrack TASR1000 may be standard but it’s a solid piece of machinery that won’t break the bank. Worth taking a second look at once it’s discounted. The NordicTrack ASR1000 Incline Trainer Elliptical provides you with features that satisfy your money’s worth. It has the state-of-the-art iFit Live Module with 12 months access to that allows you modern day updating, managing and customizing of your workout programs while automatically adjusting the incline of the machine and also provides access to your internet accounts. Working out with Jillian Michaels is made possible by this technology and assures you results in just 8 weeks. The NordicTrack ASR1000 Incline Trainer Elliptical also gives you an intense workout through its 0-12 mph 1-touch speed control and up to 40% machine incline. It has a heart rate monitor built into the handlebars for you to stay within your target training zone. The NordicTrack ASR1000 Incline Trainer Elliptical makes your workout as fun as possible with its compatible music port for iPod and mp3 and a 7in. full-color touch-screen display for monitoring your workout progress with a Google map. In addition to these, included are the Google built-in trail workout programs which allow you to choose and run the Delicate Arch Trail at Arches National Park, the Diamond Head Trail in Hawaii and much more while viewing the different landmarks on the display. Added features and specs of the NordicTrack ASR1000 Incline Trainer Elliptical are the Reflex Cushioning system, 3.0 chp Durx Commercial Pro motor, 20” x 55” quiet treadbelt and 350-lb. weight capacity. Newly released in  just in time for Christmas. Even deeper decline than the X5i at -6% Powerful motor at 3.0 CHP to support the the steep incline and decline Doesn’t have a lot of other extra features such as fans Short warranty for the price Comments: Black Friday Update: The best incline trainer from Nordictrack is now available at the best (lowest) price of the year at. If you’ve been setting your eye on an incline trainer instead of a Elliptical, now is the time to buy as you likely won’t see it offered at a lower price at any other time of the year. Take advantage of this incredible offer now. The Nordictrack ASR1000 incline trainer is the top of the line offering from Nordictrack’s lineup of incline trainers. Compared to the cheaper X5i and X3, the ASR1000 excels in almost every category. For one, the decline is even steeper than the X5 coming in at 6%. We also see an upgraded motor coming in at 3.0 CHP to ensure smoother operation. We also see an upgraded console which is especially important because having it greatly enhances the iFit Live feature which is also newly introduced in lately. The console combined with iFit Live and the incline/decline options will allow a very different training environment than what most Ellipticals provide because it is better at simulating the running environment outside. Yes, it even beats out many of the commercial Ellipticals in this department. Unfortunately, the price makes it a bit hard to pull the trigger. At, it’s worth every penny.

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