Nike Run The One reviews

Nike Zoom Run The One Men's Basketball Trainers 653636 Sneakers Shoes, Affordable Basketball Shoes for You

Basketball shoes that are affordable are hard to find, especially when they are of high quality. Nike is quite a well-known brand. It is impressive that they have thought to bring you basketball shoes that are not just high quality but have really nice features too. The Nike Zoom Run The One Men’s Basketball Trainers are a pair that brings you two important factors. They are affordable and of good quality. This is an example that you don’t always have to pay more than you can afford to get good quality shoes.

Nike Zoom Run The One Men’s Basketball Trainers 653636 Sneakers Shoes, Affordable Basketball Shoes for You

Read our Nike Run the One review to know more about them.

High-Quality Design

These high-quality basketball shoes don’t just serve in terms of performance but are also great to look at. They come in lots of styles and have a very eye-pleasing design and look. They are designed to be perfect for both indoor and outdoor basketball.


These are synthetic shoes with a rubber outsole. They are made out of an open mesh upper for enhanced ventilation. There is a traditional lacing system at the front. The inside collar and tongue have a very soft lining. The footbed also has some very soft lining which keeps your feet feeling good all day long. There is also a phylon midsole with great lightweight cushioning and energy response. The rubber outsole is extremely durable. The flat platform keeps you nice and steady throughout the game. There is also a good amount of flexibility that comes with this Nike shoe.


If you have been facing trouble finding basketball shoes of your liking for an affordable price, these are the ones for you. They are very deliberately designed the way they are, making them a really good choice. That’s all for our Zoom Run the One review.

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