Frye logger boots review

FRYE Logger Boots Review, The Boot with High Quality Design and Performance

FRYE is one of the popular brands for boot shoes. One of their best creations is FRYE Prison Combat Boot. By looking at its design, you can see that this is what men want. This is an elegant and strong boot for outdoor activity or even attending some important events. The design particularly catches our attention and we give it more thought in this Frye logger boots review.

FRYE Logger Boots Review, The Boot with High-Quality Design and Performance

Frye logger boots review
FRYE Men’s Prison Combat Boot
The sole and upper part looks separate, which creates an illusion that FRYE only places the upper part on top of the sole. It is artistically beautiful. Moreover, it feels like your feet are perfectly matched with this shape. It blends naturally with your leg, which makes it become one of the best fashion accessories you can wear. The black lace and gold ring on the lace holes also add more beauties in this product. We are quite satisfied with its design.

Then, we also observe the material used for this product. It is leather. According to the product information, it uses 100% leather, which is a good thing. 100% leather will turn into a much more beautiful and artistic appearance when it is aging. So, we expect some great changes in the future.

Even though the sole is made of synthetic material, it still feels comfortable to wear. Maybe, it is not suitable for extreme activity. But, if you just need a boot for walking, hang-out or working, this product is what you need. One more thing, this is a USA-made product. So, the price you get for this product is also affordable.

Overall, FRYE did a great job. the Prison Combat boot has everything that you need for a good-quality boot. That’s all that we need to say in this Frye logger boots review. You can find more about it on its official website. Or, you can just buy it and find out yourself.


Why Frye logger boot is unique?

FRYE Men’s Prison Combat Boot If you need a work boot, but don’t want to wear one, Frye logger boots have just what you need. Frye logger boots look like a sneaker but have built with all of the safety features of a pair of work boots. Made with a suede upper, these work boots meet the ASTM’s rating scale for footwear. Strobel and cement construction make this a sturdy shoe that won’t wear out on you, either. As the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy equipment, Frye earthmovers are known around the world as a symbol of honest work, strength, and uprightness. Frye Footwear makes based on these similar principals. This model has developed from work boots into a range of modern and casual footwear built with the sole purpose of staying true to their original goal–creating genuine, hard-working boots. Frye logger boot is used as work/casual wear for people who would like to have style and durability at the same time. These boots for men are built with the excellent Oil Full Grain Upper Leather for greatest strength. For true strength, Frye logger boots with combined Oil Resistant Rubber Outsole and Texon Footboard among Steel Shank. The added leather once is broken in will add extra soft leather feel & rough vintage character. Frye company is a top brand logger boots company. This logger boot uses Original Goodyear Welt Construction. The strongest type of footwear construction using natural denier fiber sewn to the top of the welt. Additionally, these men’s logger boots can be resoled. When you were hiking, logging and canoeing with these, they keep your feet dry. No matter how you need for it, but there is one magic that will never happen, that is Frye logger boots will never let your feet break-in. The Synthetic sole and leather together create it difficult to stretch. Accordingly, it is highly advised to take your boot with care. Plenty of people has either flat arches, which deliver them overpronate or long arches, which make them under pronate. Whenever you’re lucky, you’ve got normal feet which don’t have any of the problems mentioned earlier. But also when you’ve got normal feet with no over or under pronation, then it is still essential that you get the proper arch comfort. Thanks for checking this Frye logger boots review.

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