Fitness Tips for a Week to Make a Healthy Life

Fitness Tips for a Week to Make a Healthy Life

Fitness Tips for a Week to Make a Healthy Life

Physical work is mandatory if you want to stay fit and healthy. Now a day people are very busy as most of them do a desk job where they don’t need to move to complete their work. To start your workout, we have a one-week exercise plan that you can adopt easily. You don’t need to spend much of your valuable time to do these exercises, and they are very effective. You just have to find out a little free time, and you are all done. Here we discussed what you can do from Sunday through Saturday.

Sunday: After working for a whole week we stay lazy on the weekend. You can use your Sunday for a functional training session. You can play your favorite sport at the park or start the long workout which is difficult during the hectic week. You should take a few minutes to plan for the week that is coming ahead. Reschedule some exercise time and plan which days might be best for your workout.

Monday: To start with a cardio workout set your alarm a few minutes earlier today. Start your week with a new energy and fresh mind. Cardio exercise will help you to make your heart healthy. Don’t take much stress while doing exercise, just relax, take your time and do your cardio workout.

Tuesday: Again wake up early in the morning and do exercise to relieve some of that stress. You can take a short walk outside or training session at your favorite studio can make you feel like fresh and fit in just an hour.

Wednesday: Use this day to eat at least two additional servings of fruits and vegetables. It can be a good idea to enjoy a glass of red wine with your friends and family while you relax. If your workplace is not very far then make a habit of going there by walking.

Thursday: Early in the morning go for a short walk or walk on your treadmill. After coming back from your walk do a little stretching and light exercise. If you have instruments then use them but don’t overdo it.

Friday: Friday is the finish line of your last race. Take a good strength training session to rocket boost you. Do a full body workout to fuel your spirit. The weekend is the easiest time to sabotage all of the hard work that you did in the week. Use this Friday to prepare for the weekend by taking some extra time to do exercise. Gentle breathing and some relaxing stretches will help you to move into the weekend.

Saturday: On this day you can play some outdoor games to refuel your inner child. You can also go for a hike or try a Zumba class. Bring your inner child on this day and explore the world. Get yourself involved with some new type game that you always wanted to play.

The above exercise and workouts are actually very light exercise that will work on your body slowly. If you want a fast result than you might have to join a gym and do the exercise properly under some trainer. There are some exercising instruments that you can buy and keep at your home for doing exercise. It is always best to do exercise free-hand first and start using instruments later.