Best shoes for diabetic neuropathy

Best shoes for diabetic neuropathy

The best shoes on the market are beneficial for everybody. But we can’t say the same for the best shoes for neuropathy. The best shoes for neuropathy will even save your feet from any condition.

For those who haven’t known yet, diabetic foot neuropathy is a nerve disease that affects your feet so that it can experience numbness and tingling. In a severe case, it can cause burning pain. Folks who have diabetic neuropathy conditions have been struggling with diabetes for a while.

You might have had issues in controlling your blood sugar under level. Your doctor will disclose that your diabetic condition can affect any nerve, including your feet’ nerves. There have been records of amputation because of diabetic foot infections. The best shoes for neuropathy can prevent it from happening. Purchasing the best shoes for neuropathy is what you need right now. If it is your first time, you might want to consider a few tips below before buying a pair for you.


Consider only choose the best shoes for neuropathy that will protect your feet from any injury. For diabetic patients, even a small scratch can lead to the worst scenario which we call amputation. Choose the shoes that have the support and protection for your feet.

Breathable shoes

There is no point if your feet are not able to breathe. The trapped feet can lead to bacteria development. Choose the shoes that are breathable to prevent it from happening.


Heels in the best shoes for diabetic men can give a lot of pressure on specific areas of your feet. For ordinary people, they may feel inconvenient. But for diabetic people, this is hell.

Choose wider shoes

Tighter shoes will put a lot of pressure on your feet, making it prone to swelling, creases, and other conditions. It is better to pick the broader shoes.

Comfortable lace and buckle

We mentioned more full shoes. But that does not mean a sloppy pair one. You will want your best shoes for neuropathy to have the adjustable lace and buckle so that you will keep them intact with your feet without restraining them from moving.


You might grow older. Or, if you are old enough, you may have weight changes in the future. Therefore, it is essential to measure your feet before purchasing any best shoes for neuropathy. Only focus on the footwear that matches perfectly with the shape of your foot.

Branded products

Last but not least, you should only focus on the reliable brands of the best shoes for neuropathy. Period. They have better lineups than questionable or new brands.

The best shoes for neuropathy – Review Section

1. Orthofeet Proven Plantar Fasciitis, Foot, and Heel Pain Relief. Extended Widths. Orthopedic Walking Shoes Diabetic Bunions Women’s Sneakers, Coral

Orthofeet Proven Women’s Sneakers is famous because of its fantastic features. At first, we could take a look at its orthotic support. The premium orthotic insole installed in the shoe gives the perfect comfort and support for your feet when you walk. It comes with anatomical arch support and a cushioning heel pad. Not only the pleasure, but it will also help you to overcome the pain in your feet parts like the heel, knees, and even hips and lower back.

The Ortho Cushion System in the Orthofeet Proven Women’s Sneakers gives you the comfort and pain-free feeling every time you walk. The Ortho Cushion system inside the best shoes for a diabetic can help you to overcome joints pain, provide stability, and give your feet freedom to move around.

Padded with foam, the pair buddies give such fantastic support and protection to your feet. Wearing these will keep you away from Arch pain, knee pain, foot pain, back pain, Ball of the foot pain, etc.

The design is ergonomic so that it provides you a natural way to move your foot. Recommended for diabetic patients, the Orthopedic Walking Shoes Diabetic Bunions Women’s Sneakers, Coral have the great features that you need to protect your feet and cater to your daily needs.


Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Double Depth Shoe leather/mesh lace-up

This pair is designed as a therapeutic shoe that is suitable for diabetic users. You could agree that it comes with classic craftsmanship. But if you are looking for the best shoes for neuropathy pain, the Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic Shoes are the ones for you.

The star of this pair of buddies is the Dr. Comfort Gel Insert included in the best shoes for neuropathy feet. Not to mention that it comes with the double depth collection features that provide extra depth and gives extra space in the shoes. It is prevalent for users who require extra volume. As we know, not all shoes are fit for the users in the market. The best shoes for neuropathy come in a different size that will be suitable for your feet size.

It is a lightweight cross-trainer that comes with enhanced support from the arch stabilizer. If your work or activity is quite intense, this pair works well for you. Besides the features, the good thing about this shoe lies in the design. The design will catch your eye when you first notice it. The style is irreplaceable. If you require shoes that are great in both form and features, Dr. Comfort Performance-X Men’s Therapeutic shoes are the best choice for you.


Git-up Women Diabetic Slippers/W Arthritis Edema Velcro Shoes

Git-up Women Diabetic Slippers/W Arthritis Edema Velcro Shoes are a simple solution for diabetic women.

The pair of buddies come with a comfortable design. The shoes have a velcro closure that you can adjust to make your shoes loose or tight, depending on what you need. The plan is perfect for users who need to wear the best shoes for neuropathy feet without hindrance. The open toe design allows the feet to breathe.

The waterproof TR rubber sole will ensure that you could do your activity in comfort since it will repel the water for you. Not to mention that the rubber sole also provides the anti-slip feature. That means it is perfect for a high-intensity workspace and a wet environment. The heel cap of this pair is also marvelous. It’s designed to provide the anatomical feature in which can hold your feet. You will move your feet freely without hesitation.

It is perfect for diabetic patients who need comfort and support.


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