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Nordictrack Commercial 2250 Treadmill Review

The NordicTrack Commercial 2250 treadmill is engineered to adjust to the users’ preferences. It features an audio port, Runners Flex cushioning, and a touch screen that is in full color and can connect online,. Audio Port – For runners more motivated by music, this port connects a music device to an Intermix Acoustics Sound System and plays sounds through two 3-inch speakers on the sides. The Audio Port is even compatible for iPod users. Cushioning – The Runners Flex program allows adjustable cushioning of the platform according to the runners’ preference. When switched on, the cushion absorbs impact from the runner and helps to give more comfort to the joints. When switched off, the cushion is locked giving a road-like platform.

The tread belt is 22-inch x 60-inch and designed to reduce noise and friction. X11I Incline Trainer’s Integrated Tablet – This is a 10-inch touch tablet that is in full color and powered by Android giving access to workout stats, online browsing, and HD Video Workouts. Runners can customize their workouts or sign up for the interactive training program by iFit technology. It provides virtual trails handled by Trainer Jillian Michaels, mapped by Google Maps, HD video of the scenic location of the trail, automatic tracking, and competition with friends. Strong Points It seems that starting in 2013, Nordictrack is starting to equip all their higher-end treadmills with 22″ wide belts. Back only a few years ago, 22″ belts were extremely rare. In addition to wider belts, Nordictrack also seems to be starting a trend by including a decline option on their better units. For the Commercial 2250 reviewed here, it comes with a 3% decline which is great but there are some models with a 6% decline. Cushioning is adjustable on the Nordictrack Commercial 2250 You can surf the web on the large 10″ console Solid 400 lb user capacity Very generous 40 built-in workouts Weak Points Not sure what the warranty is (Nordictrack probably left out the warranty information by mistake) but it’s likely 5 years parts and 2 years labor Weight of the machine unknown as well so we’re not sure how shaky the machine will be for heavier runners No mention of wireless heart rate monitoring support Verdict (Product reviewed at price of) Being one of the more expensive Nordictrack treadmills out on the market right now, you should expect a strong bundle of extra features and the Commercial 2250 delivers. Built-in web browser, 4.2 HP motor, decline feature, adjustable cushioning, high weight capacity, and a spacious 22″x60″ belt are among the highlights of this treadmill. Unfortunately, when we were reviewing the Commercial 2250, the product was not on sale which makes it very uncompetitive on a value for money basis. Though we seriously advise anyone from buying at the non-discounted retail price of, we do expect it to drop below at a later time.

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