Tips on How to Update your Living Room on a Budget

Tips on How to Update your Living Room on a Budget


A Living room is a place where you spend most of your time with your loved ones. It is very versatile in its functionality. You use it for hanging out with your friends or to comfortably spend quality time with your family after a long hectic day. So, it needs to be updated after some time so that you can have a pleasing and cozy place to relax.

Due to our busy lives, we don’t have enough time and money to spend on extravagant renovations and decor. It is also not an easy job to update the living room to make it look modern. New progress in home decor has made it very difficult to find affordable options that can bring amazing changes to the decor.

Before jumping right into the execution, you need proper planning and budgeting of the whole updating process. Right ideas, choices and proper selection of materials can make this task less daunting and enjoyable. All you need is determination and a little bit of creativity to achieve this big task of updating your living room. To make it easy for you, we have gathered some cool and amazing ideas to update your living room for which you don’t need to put a burden on your pocket.

So let’s begin!

  • Change Paint and Curtains:

First and the most important thing that can instantly change the whole look of your place is the paint. Though, choosing the perfect paint color can be quite tricky. To make a small living room look more spacious, paint it with light colors.

Accent walls are so much in trend these days. For that, you don’t need much effort. You just need to paint one wall with some bright color and rest of the walls with some light neutral colors. You can also add texture to add some drama.

You can also change the old cushions with some new and textured fabric cushions that complement the furniture especially the sofas. Add a pop of color by placing a colorful rug on the floor.

  • Decluttering:

Whenever you feel a need to update your living room the very first thing you can do is to get rid of all the things that you have no use for. By decluttering the room you can make space for new things and also it will immediately change the look of the living room.

  • Light up the Living Room:

This whole updating process is incomplete without proper lighting. It is up to you how you add proper lighting in your living room to make it look stunning. Natural light is definitely the best way to brighten up your place. Install big windows or skylights to make your living room a bright happy place full of natural light. In order to add more value to the decor, you can place Himalayan salt lamps and candle holders anywhere in the living room. The beautiful glow of these lamps will make your living room cozier and appealing. These lamps also act as natural air purifiers so it is a plus to use them for decor.

  • Update old Furniture:

Changing the furniture can be very expensive and daunting. So, update your furniture and give old or may be ignored furniture in your home a new life by polishing it or painting it with some beautiful new color and put it to good use in your living room.

Try finding an unconventional and classy furniture piece to place in the living room to increase its aesthetic value.

  • Add some greenery

What could be better than indoor plants to add a natural element to your living room? There are so many great indoor plant options available. You can choose according to your taste and enjoy the greenery and refreshing atmosphere in your very own living room. You can place them in beautiful pots or vases to add more beauty.

  • Make a Statement

Well, all the above-mentioned ideas are great to update your living room, but if you still need a wow factor then there are some more amazing but simple ways to make an announcement along with your living room’s decoration.

You can hang one or two chandeliers on the ceiling. You can also create a gallery wall by hanging art pieces or photos that you like. It is an inexpensive way to fill a blank wall in the room and to make it more classy and appealing.

Redesign your old shelf by changing the displayed items. You can place your own stuff on it or some decor items or books. You can also place above mentioned Himalayan salt lamps or candle holders on the shelf to make it look new and stylish.

Now, you know some of the simple and inexpensive tricks to update your living room. The slightest change sometimes is enough to add more value to the overall decor. All you need is proper planning and determination.

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