Tips on getting a great one piece swimsuit – Your Home wardrobe

Tips on getting a great one piece swimsuit - Your Home wardrobe

Tips on getting a great one piece swimsuit

Tips on getting a great one piece swimsuit. If you are a bit more modest, you’ll probably be a little apprehensive when it comes to swimsuit shopping.  A one-piece swimsuit, if properly chosen, can provide you with style, coverage, and sun protection.  One-piece swimsuits have been popular for decades, and many women prefer them over the skin-baring two-piece.  Of course, it can be hard to find the one-piece that is perfect for you, mainly because there are so many choices available. These are understandably at the forefront of swimwear 2017.

Many new one-piece swimsuits come with a bonus:  Fabric that has UV-protective properties.  You’ve probably heard a lot of bad things about UV rays- how they cause wrinkles and premature aging, cataracts, and skin cancer, as well as nasty sunburns.  Chronic overexposure to UV rays can lead to these things, and newer UV-resistant one-piece swimsuits offer some measure of protection against this danger.  If you decide to purchase one of these, choose one that has a minimum protection rating of 25.  A UPF of 50 is the highest available.  However, you should still apply sunscreen every time you go to the beach.

These one-piece swimsuits are far more stylish than those of years gone by.  Just because you choose, a one-piece doesn’t mean that you should look stuffy or matronly!  These new suits come in many trendy designs- but don’t let design be the deciding factor- your decision should be based equally on style, comfort, fabric, and UV protection.  Protecting yourself from the rays of the sun is an easy way to keep yourself looking young, and a good one-piece swimsuit is a great way to start doing just that.

One-piece swimsuits, as we said, are offered in a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and designs.  Models wear them on the runway and the cover of magazines, and they have changed quite a bit through the years.  These aren’t your mom’s or your grandma’s one-piece swimsuits- they are equal parts protective and sexy.  They allow you to flaunt your curves while keeping you covered.  A great compromise between a two-piece and a one-piece is the “tankini”- these are great for minimizing a larger midsection and drawing the eye upward.

However, there are other choices when it comes to one-piece swimsuits.  There are fuller bottoms, as well as thong styles and skirted bottoms.  Fuller and skirted bottoms are great for you curvier women- they provide a way to cover up problem areas while still being stylish.  Many one-piece swimsuits come with matching cover-ups- they tie at the waist.  These stylish suits are available from a lot of places online, but if possible, you should always go to a store where you can try your suit on.  The suit that looks perfect on the online model may not look so great on you.  Also, beware of online vendors that sell “designer” suits at a bargain-basementprice.  Buying a cut-rate swimsuit doesn’t save you a whole lot if you should replace it halfway through swimsuit season.

Whatever kind of one-piece swimsuit you choose, hopefully, it will have some degree of UV protection built in.  While they won’t offer complete protection, a good one-piece swimsuit can keep a lot of the sun’s damaging rays from reaching your skin.  They are a great way to “soak up the sun” without damaging your youthful skin.