Swimming lessons for babies – baby care tips


Get your child in the pool early and make them a confident swimmer next in life. Swimming is a natural activity for babies, and our structured activities maximize the advantages of an early introduction to water. Swimming lessons help strengthen the bond between parent and baby and introduce babies to their peers, also encouraging social cooperation. The Turtle Tots program of swimming lessons begins with aqua-natal yoga for mums-to-be and continues once your child is born with the specialist, even advanced swimming classes for babies or toddlers. The classes have also been written in association with experienced personal trainers to encourage fitness through pre-natal and post-natal pregnancy exercises. Swimming is best for your baby health, for this we give you some advice about swimming lessons for babies, that is very important.

Every movement can be accommodated to suit individual ability levels, and the classes give an excellent toning workout for moms and mums-to-be.

Of course, each of our swimming classes for babies or toddlers is welcoming to dads and prefer to come along, as they are so fun and enjoyable! These sessions are as much for the parent as they are for the child. The kid has an adult (parent or other) in the water with them at every time. This class includes introducing water safety and first water skills covering back floats, submersions, rollover breathing, or water play in a fun, group atmosphere. All Guppy classes are continuous and can be combined at any time in the billing cycle as the curriculum is repeated and consistent for each class. We suggest a minimum of 1 lesson per week in perpetuity for real results. Consistent attendance will create the routine and repetition your child requires to learn.