How to use Green Tea for Weight Loss?

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea loses weight program started five thousand years ago and still continues its way into the present. Green tea speeds up the metabolism which in turn burns fat and calories. We, therefore, lose weight with this drink. It comes in loose green tea leaves, tea bags, bottled drinks, and supplements.

Green Tea Instead Of Coffee

If we want to use green tea to lose weight, we should replace our morning coffee with it. Coffee contains natural acids when brewed thus raising our blood sugar and inhibiting our weight loss.

Green Tea and Caffeine

Can green tea help you lose weight? It can if we also drink it with caffeine. This would not be a problem if we constantly consume coffee. If we do not drink it, however, we can try taking caffeine pills that are mild or an energy drink that is low in calories along with our green tea. A study on nutrition claims that pairing green tea with 39 milligrams of caffeine can help people to lose weight.

If we do not drink coffee, we may consume green tea capsules instead as we will gain the same benefits for weight loss with this. We must however drink this regularly to see maximum effects. We can also replace our snacks with green tea to lose more weight. It is said that four to six cups of green tea a day can help us lose weight.

Organic Green Tea Equals Weight Loss

Does green tea help you lose weight? Yes, it does, if we ensure it is organic or made of real green tea extracts. We must never eliminate quality because the cheaper or ineffective green teas have been overheated or contain chemical pesticides. The tea we take in should have the components catechin polyphenols as these heighten metabolism, maintain energy, and enhance the process of thermogenesis where our bodies emit fat into our blood system to make energy.

Follow Package Instructions

We need to abide by the directions of the green tea we buy so as to ensure proper weight loss. If we take in too little or too much, the result we expect may not happen. We should also ensure we can really follow the schedule of our green tea intake and that we do not miss anything at all. We must assess if it is easier for us to take a green tea supplement in the morning or have tea breaks throughout the day.

A Healthy Lifestyle with Green Tea

Along with our green tea program for weight loss, we should have regular exercise and a healthy diet. When we exercise thirty minutes four to five times a week, we will burn more calories. The green tea we take provides us energy because it slows down carbohydrate use in our bodies thus we can work out longer minus the fatigue. So now you ask, does green tea make you lose weight? The answer is it does base on scientific findings and experiences of people as long as we follow the tips mentioned here.

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