ProForm Performance 400c Treadmill Review

People who want to train and achieve fast weight loss can trust on the ProForm brand. With their lineup of fitness equipment, one is simply getting him or herself in shape in the most effective manner. The ProForm Performance 400c is certainly a machine that will get people all worked up. The ProForm Performance 400c boasts a highly diverse set of workouts. In fact, it’s got 18 exercise applications which are used in order to get the best training possible, with adjustable decline, incline and speed settings.

The great thing about it is that it’s also designed by a certified fitness instructor. Of course, training usually requires constant keeping track of progress. This is where the EKG Dual Grip monitor comes in quite handy, since people will be keeping their heart rate in check. With this device, one can maintain performance within the target zone, leading to better results for exercises. One of the finest features to utilize with the ProForm Performance 400c is the iFit compatible console. Through this, one is able to keep track of all the latest training updates on the Internet. One can incorporate virtual terrains which are courtesy of Google Maps, video workouts and event training. The convenience it brings is second to none, especially with the Multi-LCD display. Progress is monitored through these LCD windows, providing users with data on their performance. With it, people can keep themselves updated with how much calories burned, along with the time, distance and speed of the workout. The ProForm Performance 400c is a treadmill for every home owner out there who wants to lose weight in the soonest time possible. One can go through an intense full body workout that achieves maximum results. With a brand like ProForm, there’s maximum efficiency to be expected. Affordably priced even when it’s not on sale at A respectable number of workout programs at 18 which is a bit more offered than even some > models from other brands Comes with air fans, MP3 player sound system and the ability to folder which are all hard to come by at the regular price and even harder to come back at its potential sale price of less than A 20” x 55” is a respectable belt size but by no means the most spacious The 300 lb weight capacity is an indicator that it is most likely, not built like a rock The 1 year parts and labor warranty just barely cuts it but what can you expect at this price? A LED console may seem outdated to those who prefer a LCD We would have liked to see an incline up to a maximum of 12% Verdict: The Proform Performance 400c is one of many Proform treadmills in Proform’s Performance series. In 2011 and 2012, Proform had a similar model called the Proform Performance 400 (note the missing “c”) that is almost identical in terms of specs as the 400c. The main improvements include the use of a different type of cushioning, a few more workout apps and workout fans. It removed the ability to sync your results with however. Overall, we can’t say that the Proform Performance is a high quality treadmill. The overall specs also leave much to be desired. Same with the warranty. But for a which will likely be reduced to during sale time, we can’t really fault it for its shortcomings. If you’re looking for an entry level treadmill without breaking the bank, the Proform 400c is a reasonable choice and one we would recommend. Just don’t expect to train for your marathon on it. You love freedom when running but the neighboring streets are always full of people. The Trailrunner 4.0 offers you more space to do a stretch of hard speed comfortably. Installed with a 20″ x 60″ 2-Ply Commercial Treadbelt, the treadmill can take heavy use from pounding feet while remaining quiet and well-balanced. The attached ProTech™ Advanced Adjustable Cushioning system protects your joints even when running in a furious pace. It has no limit on the cushion settings to accommodate any adjustment in your workout intensity control. Connect your Trailrunner 4.0 to more challenging workouts that give quicker results in Google Maps™ using the built-in iFit Live™. Specially designed to hook you online and let you experience different incline settings and all-terrain features, running inside your home has never been more exciting. Even when wireless conncetion is not available, there are 32 built-in Workout Apps for you to choose from. Anytime you like and according to your personal preferences, you can adjust the settings of speed, incline, amount of calories you’d like to burn, and switch on the intensity to high. The combination of speed and incline is designed to push yourself hard and fast. And you don’t have to worry about the noise or vibration that a highly intensified workout will create. The Trailrunner 4.0 is equipped with a well-balanced drive system, powered 3.8 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Pro Motor, that ensures silence and stability while in operation, heavy duty or long term. Run with music exclusively in your ears by plugging your iPod® or MP3 Player into the Interplay® Music Port. Or listen to surround music through built-in sound system Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0. All parts used in the manufacture of the treadmill are of top quality calibre. The frame is durable and made to withstand heavy use and accommodate heavy weight of up to 350 lbs. It has selected as the best treadmills based on customer compensation, stability, specialties and cost. Treadmills are among the most famous pieces of cardio fitness machine for both gym and house use but buying a treadmill is a big commitment, so we hope our rankings, reports and tools will help you get the ideal match. Please also visit our Best Buy Treadmill and Best Buy Elliptical pages for our current recommendations. Thank you! Good points 10″ touch screen is the largest that Proform has offered ever beating out the typical offering of 7″ Surf the web with a touch screen web browser powered by Android – this was not possible prior to 2011 “Run anywhere in the world” (or tries to simulate it anyways) with the iFit Live module that is included with the purchase Bad points High end offering means a high end price Comments In theory, it’s possible to surf the web when you’re running but in reality, whether that’s a good idea, that’s really up to you. When you’re running on the treadmill, it’s probably hard enough to focus already with all that sweat dripping so surfing the web sounds good in theory but probably not without its difficulties. With that said, if you want the latest and greatest of treadmill innovations, the Trailrunner 4.0 Proform is a good candidate. Like the Proform Trailrunner 2.0, the Proform Trailrunner 4.0 features all the goodies that make it worthy of the name “Trailrunner” namely durability, comfortable running and an unlimited number of trails to simulate running via iFit Live. Is it worth the or so when it’s on sale, yes if you want the latest and greatest. The Trailrunner 2.0 is probably a better choice for those who want to be slightly more frugal as a slightly inferior motor with the web browser technology can save you.

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