ProForm CrossTrainer 800 (GameFit) Elliptical Review

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It has selected as the best treadmills based on customer compensation, stability, specialties and cost. Treadmills are among the most famous pieces of cardio fitness machine for both gym and house use but buying a treadmill is a big commitment, so we hope our rankings, reports and tools will help you get the ideal match.


Please also visit our Best Buy Treadmill and Best Buy Elliptical pages for our current recommendations. Thank you! Comments: Not many ellipticals come with games for less than but that`s exactly what you`re getting with the Proform Crosstrainer 800 with Gamefit. Although the gamefit games are a major selling point for this elliptical, you should not overlook the fact that it comes with a less than stellar parts and labor warranty. All in all, a feature filled elliptical with so so construction. A great balance if you`re looking for something good but not great and if you don`t want to break the bank. With the Proform Crosstrainer 800 with Gamefit, you get 9 targeted crosstrainer workouts that’s surely going to test your fitness. This elliptical tests your upper and lower body with 3 specific programs specifically designed for each. If you’re not sure you’re getting the most out of every workout, the dual grip ekg heart rate monitor will ensure that you’re working at your optimal training zone. With built in sensors, monitoring your heart is a cinch. Never get bored again with such exciting games like Fat Blocker, and Calories Destroyer. You deserve to have a little fun when you’re exercising hard! Don’t you wish there was someone to provide you with motivation when you workout? With the Audio Crosstrainer, that’s exactly what you get. The Fitness coach is right there beside you instructing you to perform a variety of cardio and strenght training exercises so you can not only shave off those calories but build muscle at the same time. If you want to listen to your own music, you can do that as well with the Compatible Music Port for iPod. Utilize the built sound system while you exercise. It has selected as the best treadmills based on customer compensation, stability, specialties and cost. Treadmills are among the most famous pieces of cardio fitness machine for both gym and house use but buying a treadmill is a big commitment, so we hope our rankings, reports and tools will help you get the ideal match. Please also visit our Best Buy Treadmill and Best Buy Elliptical pages for our current recommendations. Thank you! Good points: Packed with more extra features than you would find in a typical treadmill in the sub range Above average weight capacity Excellent lifetime warranty on motor and frame comes with iFit workout card technology so you’ll always have something new to workout to max incline and max speed are only 10% and 10mph respectively which is a little on the low end Parts and labor warranty was not specified Comments: The Proform iSeries 800 is currently in “Inventory Clearance” status so we’re not sure how much longer it’ll be sold for. Nonetheless, if you do manage to read this review in time, the Proform iSeries 800 is a solid choice for your home at. Though it may not be the most well equipped nor is it the most sturdily built, you’ll be getting more than your money’s worth if you buy this. Though I do have to note that the warranty for the labor and parts is not mentioned anywhere so it might be a good idea to buy yourself an extended warranty which not only is affordable but is also a small price to pay for peace of mind. ProForm has always been known to be on the bleeding edge of fitness technology. However, there’s always room for improvement and the company has ensured of that. In fact, The Official 800 is definitely a treadmill that will push people to achieve maximum efficiency in training. One of the finest features that ProForm has outfitted this machine with is the SpeedRing. This is a little gadget which one can wear on their finger and help them adjust the speed settings of the machine. One can go all the way up to 15 miles per hour as he or she gradually increases its settings. Another thing that’s gotten a lot of people praising this treadmill is the inclusion of high definition 800 workout videos. There’s the opportunity to simulate actual running conditions, along with automatic decline and incline too. One can simulate running across hills to go all the way up to 20 percent in incline. Of course, ProForm continues to include the wireless chest strap. After all, there’s no better way for a person to get a great workout than when they’re keeping track of your own heart rate. One can certainly get the most efficient training without putting themselves at risk of injury or ailment. Users can also set their target cadence through the LCD console display. This serves a purpose similar to a metronome, in which users will be running based on their body rhythm. With this feature, training is at peak efficiency. The Official 800 treadmill is definitely a highlight among ProForm’s lineup of fitness equipment. People will be challenged to push themselves to the limits and simply achieve the kind of physique they’ve always wanted. This is definitely a machine that’s worth the money. PRO-FORM SMART STRIDER 800 The Pro-Form Smart Strider 800 is the perfect elliptical machine for those who would like the hardcore workout minus the discomfort on their joints and inconvenience of a bulk and space-consuming exercise machine. Low on impact but high and power — two words that perfectly describe this Pro-Form elliptical machine. This elliptical machine is made for heavy duty use. The frame is made from commercial grade steel and it comes with over sized leveling feet that ensures stability of the machine at all times. The maximum user capacity of 350 pounds. It’s a smooth workout with the Smart Strider 800. It’s equipped with SMR silent magnetic resistance and an inertia-enhanced flywheel. The Smart Strider 800 comes with your standard Pro-Form features and much more. You can expect the very convenient backlit display, water bottle holder, workout fan, warranty, and the like. Apart from the standard features, this unit is iFit-compatible. That’s a whole lot more in terms of workout programs on top of the 30 workout apps that are already installed on the unit. Then of course, its audio system is compatible with iPod or any music player of your choice. PROFORM SMART STRIDER 800 Review Price We’re reviewing the Proform Smart Strider 800 based on a sale price of. Price Comparison of the Proform Smart Strider 800 and the Proform Smart Strider 535 The Proform Smart Strider currently sells at while the Proform Smart Strider has a price tag. Comparison of the Proform Smart Strider 800 and Proform Smart Strider 535 Today we’re comparing the entry-level and high-end models of Proform’s rear drive series. Logically, the Smart Strider 800 (being the high-end one) is the more expensive of the two. Currently, there is a difference between these two machines. Let’s take a closer look. First off, these two models have the same fixed 18-inch stride length and the same Silent Magnetic Resistance braking system. They also have the same space saver design that will be good for users with limited spaces in their homes. With regards to the built-in workout apps and the number of resistance levels, the Smart 800 bested the Smart Strider 535. The 800 also has the longer parts warranty of 3 years as compared to the 535’s 1-year coverage. Another important feature that the 800 can boast of is 0 to 10-degree power adjustable incline which will add more challenge to the user’s workout. A wireless chest strap has already been included in your purchase which will provide you more accurate readings for your heart rate while you exercise. The console display of the 800 is also something to rave about. It has a 7-inch full color touch screen display. It’s also web-enabled so aside from monitoring your stats, you can also browse the internet while working out. The 535, on the other hand, only has the basic LCD monitor display. In addition, it has a built-in audio port, a water bottle holder, soft touch upper body grips and oversized pedals. In summary, the Smart Strider 800 may cost more but you are getting a lot of better features for your money when you purchase this unit. However, if you are on a budget, you may consider buying the Smart Strider 535. Looking at this elliptical, you still get reasonable, basic features for the price of. Ultimately, your needs and preferences will be your best guide in making a good buying decision for your home elliptical machine. What Makes the Proform Smart Strider 800 Worth Buying? -Unlike in treadmills, an incline function is not usually found in ellipticals that’s why we are happy to find one in this sub- model. The Proform Smart Strider 800 has a 0 to 10-degree power adjustable incline which will shape your stride and allow you to target different muscle groups during workouts. -Another nice feature of this elliptical model is its web-enabled 7-inch full-color touch screen display which makes it easy for you to check your work stats as you exercise. – This model’s 24 resistance levels and 30 workout apps will definitely provide you the variety you need whenever you work out on this machine. You can manually alter your resistance levels for a higher intensity workout or you can select from the 30 program options available on this model. – A wireless chest is already included in this machine which quite a treat since we only see this amenity with models that are priced or higher. The wireless chest strap is said to provide more accurate readings than the basic hand grip sensors. -As for bells and whistles, this sub- model has a workout fan, a built-in sound system, in handle controls, adjustable oversized pedals and soft-touch upper body grips. What Makes The Proform Smart Strider 800 NOT Worth Buying? -The Proform Smart Strider 800 is iFit enabled but there is an annual membership fee is required before you can enjoy the benefits of this technology. -This elliptical machine claims to support a 350-pound user weight capacity. However, we can’t just simply rely on this information without knowing how much the machine actually weighs. Undisclosed information like this makes us a little wary about the quality of the machine.