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It has selected as the best treadmills based on customer compensation, stability, specialties, and cost. Treadmills are among the most famous pieces of cardio fitness machines for both gym and house use but buying a treadmill is a big commitment, so we hope our rankings, reports, and tools will help you get the ideal match.

The Nordictrack Viewpoint 3600 Treadmill review highlights:

Has pretty much all the extras that you can ask for in a treadmill The “Viewpoint” in Viewpoint 3600 means there’s a TV Music port for iPod available Excellent motor power for the belt it has to handle Lots of preprogrammed exercises and iFit compatible the main blemish to this treadmill’s superb specs is the relatively short belt at only 55″ price point is a little high when it’s not on sale

Nordictrack Viewpoint 3600 treadmill specifications:

If you can get the Viewpoint 3600 for say somewhere south of, you should give yourself a pat on the back. Most treadmills from Nordictrack or pretty much all brands don’t nearly come with as many features and extras as the Nordictrack Viewpoint 3600. Although this treadmill probably isn’t as well built as the other “commercial” home treadmills out there, it should still last for a long time for the average user. Grab it when it goes on sale.

Good points of Nordictrack Viewpoint 3600 Treadmill:

better-built treadmillsViewpoint cushion technology is the most shock absorbing belt available from Nordictrack iFit card technology means a potentially unlimited number of workout programs equipped with interplay music port means you can work out to your favorite tunes one of the better-built treadmills by Nordictrack and their deck is backed with a lifetime warranty Nordictrack might have overestimated the maximum weight capacity on this one prohibitively expensive at MSRP but even at if it goes on sale, it would still not be considered a true bargain

Why you should buy a Nordictrack Viewpoint 3600 Treadmill?

A slight upgrade in quality and features, the Nordictrack Viewpoint 3600 features the same cushioning technology as the Apex 4500. Both of these treadmills use the most advanced and joint-friendly cushioning technology that Nordictrack has to offer. The retail price is a little on the high price but even if it is on sale, it would have to be a fair bit less than to make this treadmill truly competitive. Keep your body in shape with the innovative treadmill from NordicTrack. The NordicTrack Viewpoint 3600 Treadmill helps you shed those pounds and reach your workout goals at the comfort of your home. It is built to perform its best, especially with the equipment’s features. With the Solaris Illumination Control, you easily track your progress by precisely illuminating the portions of the console you are using. The console also has a 7×15 workout matrix that allows you to see your progress and what to expect next. Its 7×30 Scrolling CrossTrainer Display actually displays your workout graphically and tells you when to perform cross-training exercises. You also get personalized feedbacks because of the individual weight input. Your calories are calculated, and you burn is based on your actual weight instead of the average pounds usually used in other treadmills.

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Our Final Thoughts about Nordictrack Viewpoint 3600 Treadmill:

It also has features including 20 personal trainer workouts from aerobic, weight-loss, or performance workouts that work by automatically adjusting your speed and incline, increasing your training’s intensity. The 2 heart rate workouts help you to stay on your targeted heart rate zone with the speed increasing to raise your heart rate and vice versa. It is also equipped with NordicTrack’s best features like its powerful machine, the spacious heavy-duty treadmill belt, and its precision rollers. It could also accommodate a 350-lb. weight capacity. Good points: Comes with 30% incline Access to 23 workout programs and it’s iFit compatible so there’s a lot of variety to your workout. The belt is not too big for the motor so you can expect there to not be a lot of problems with quality Spacesaver design meaning it’s foldable

A very distinct look:

A very distinct look for a trainer/treadmill works upper body via digitally adjustable cardio cables. Not one but two fans One of the heaviest machines from Icon weighing in at 380 lbs Goes up to 10mph but you probably won’t want to since the 52″ is on the short side. Although the belt and motor are a good fit together, it would be even better if they had a longer belt with a bigger motor for a machine at this price. Lifetime motor warranty is coupled with a mere 1-year warranty on parts and labor Comments: Despite the name, the X5 is actually inferior to the X3 incline trainer in a lot of ways. One is the price, the other is the incline. Unusual to see a Nordictrack treadmill to feature a 4.0 CHP motor (CHP is the horsepower that matters, not just HP or THP) Big spacious tread belt at 20″X60″ to accommodate the faster than normal 12 MPH max speed and steeper than normal 15% incline Built-in TV Likely one of the more durable treadmills offered by Nordictrack (as indicated by an above-average 2-year parts warranty) Better speakers than the other models Might be too expensive for many.

About the Support of the new iFit Life:

Though it’s a model, it doesn’t support the new iFit Life, only the old iFit workout cards Comments: Black Friday Price: Though there are better options at this price range, the is definitely one of the lowest prices we’ve seen for the Elite 9500 Pro. If you’ve been debating as to whether you should get this treadmill, now is the chance as it’s unlikely the price will drop below during the Christmas shopping season.

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