Nordictrack Elite 9.1 Elliptical Review

Incline range from -10 degree to 30 degrees is impressive and innovative at the same time Unlike the other “Elite” ellipticals from the same series, the warranty is much shorter Comments: Although the Nordictrack Elite 12.0 and Elite 15.1 are impressive and worthy of your money in its own right, the Elite 9.1 is a different story. What makes its two older brothers impressive was that the engineers seem to have put more faith in their quality and also equipped with some impressive functions such as iFit Live and an Android powered web browser. The Elite 9.1 is not as well built as the other two more expensive models and not nearly as well equipped. This means, unless you this elliptical sells for less than, it’s probably not worth a second look. You like a modern fitness machine but has a classic design. The NordicTrack Elite 9.1 Elliptical fits the bill perfectly. It is sophisticated, elegant, and simple. The elliptical that is friendly to all types of users. It offers built-in workouts, automatic settings, manual control, and accommodates maximum weight up to 325 lbs. It is heavy duty and protected with a Lifetime Frame Warranty (1-year warranty for parts and labor). Take it slow and easy or take it fast and hard. The NordicTrack Elite 9.1 will let you do both. The Adjustable Stride Length will adapt to a long or short stride, whichever you prefer or fits you better. Use the Upper-Body Workout Arms without haste and yet still able to burn calories as well as build muscles. Cardio benefits will still be yours. Don’t think that you cannot use the Front Drive Elliptical just because you are a bit laidback. Just make sure to adjust the stride length to your perfect fit and keep the resistance level to lowest, and you’ll be on your way to a total body workout without the punishing pace. For you, the route to fitness success is long road without the surprises and the challenges. Sometimes, a flat workout is a bit boring. If you like to add some waves, adjust to change the incline and speed settings using the In-Handle 1-Touch™ Controls. It’s also easy to go back to your flat terrain workouts. You always feel flustered when you’re hot and sweaty. Switch on the CoolAire™ Workout Fan to stay fresh during workout. Friends make exercise more fun. Use iFit Live™ to connect online and train along with other people. Don’t let your dislike for hard workouts stop you from getting curious about Jillian Michaels’s power-packed programs, all powered by Google Maps™.

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