NordicTrack Commercial 1500 Pro Treadmill Review


The Commercial 1500 Pro is going for which is one of the best overall deals we’re seeing from Nordictrack on Black Friday Strong 5 year parts/electronics warranty and 2 years for labor warranty coupled with a 375 lb weight capacity are impressive figures for a treadmill that sells for (at the time of review) Features a still rare (but increasingly common) 3% decline. Even just a few years back, treadmills with a decline option are almost unheard of. Generously spacious belt (20×60) combined with a tough and more than adequate 3.25CHP motor. You want to make sure the motor has adequate power when you’re dealing with a larger belt Wireless heart rate monitoring, 32 built-in workout programs, iPod music port and built-in air fans round out the list of extra features we feel are worth noting in this price range We would have liked to see an iFit ready console but perhaps we’re asking for too much at this bargain price Without knowing the product weight, we have no way to gauge the quality of a user’s running experience. If you don’t already know, the heavier a treadmill, the more stable it feels when you run. Verdict: It’s probably because it’s Black Friday, but we feel at, the Commercial 1500 Pro by Nordictrack is a true bargain. Most often, you can expect to buy you a good quality STARTER treadmill. With the Commercial 1750 at, we feel you’re getting quite a bit more than a starter treadmill. In fact, with specs like these, it is comparable to many or even offerings from competing brands. We say it’s comparable to higher end treadmills because based on looking at the specs alone, there is really very little the Commercial 1500 Pro leaves to be desired. For, a high powered motor, a spacious belt, contact and wireless heart rate monitoring, 7” LCD screen, iPod support, decline options, workout fans, foldable option, strong parts and labor warranty, and finally a 375 lb weight capacity. It’s only because we’re in 2012 that the above seems less impressive. If we time travel back even just a few years, there’s no way can get you anything even close. We have tough competition to thank for forcing Nordictrack to drop its prices. But by the time you read this, the product will most likely not be selling at. We expect it to sell for closer to which is still a great deal but we wouldn’t have been nearly as enthusiastic. NordicTrack is one of the fitness industry’s leaders in personal fitness equipment. They’ve established quite a reputation with their product line up over the years. Of course, the NordicTrack Commercial 1500 Pro is another machine that will certainly satisfy all fitness enthusiasts. One of the best features that people can look forward to is the QuadFlex Cushioning. It’s something that can take away pressure felt in the knees and the back during workout. This way, users will be able to perform more efficiently. This treadmill also happens to be very handy when it comes to easy storage. The SpaceSaver design allows users to simply fold it up and store it in the closet or anywhere they want. This way, one can perform other exercises without the use of equipment. A lot of people often wish to remain cool and comfy while working out. The AutoBreeze cooling fan provides this to people using the machine. They can simply go on pretty long runs without working up too much of a sweat. There’s also the 32 pre-programmed workout applications to try out. Each of these were designed with some assistance from a certified fitness instructor. This way, users will be receiving totally effective training from the professionals. The NordicTrack Commercial 1500 Pro has certainly acquired such a positive reputation from many of its users. It’s got everything anyone could ever want in a fitness machine. Of course, since it’s NordicTrack, it’s safe to say that’s no surprise at all.

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