How meditation can improve your skin health

How meditation can improve your skin health

Meditation is associated with relaxation, a state in which you manage to disconnect from the world and connect more with your inner self. All your thoughts and worries leave your mind, you become calm and feel that you are relieving the entire tension from your body. These are a few ways that describe how meditation feels and what its effects are.

The benefits of meditation include:

● Improves brain functioning

● Helps you have a balanced metabolism and lose weight

● Strengthens your immune system

● Improves concentration and communication

● Helps you see things more clearly

Meditation has been used as a treatment for different affections or diseases. Depression and bipolar disorder are just two examples that fit into this category. It also helps people who have addictive behaviors, high blood pressure, who suffer from anxiety or skin conditions.

Focusing on the last one, it is interesting to see the relationship between meditation and skin conditions. Here are 3 benefits of mediation and how it helps you have healthy skin.

1. Meditation reduces stress

Stress represents an important cause in the case of several skin conditions. It can directly cause skin problems to appear or it can worsen already existing ones. It is responsible for:

● Acne

● Eczema

● Psoriasis

● Hives (urticaria)

When thinking of how meditation helps your skin, it is important to think of it as a treatment that concentrates on finding the source of the problem and not just taking care of the effects. In order to understand this better, let’s look at the following example. People who suffer from acne seek different ways to get rid of or cover pimples. For this reason, they buy products that promise to help them have or give the impression of a perfect face. Although this solution might have some visible results, the source of the acne is still present and it will continue to make pimples appear.

When these people practice meditation, they basically work directly on the problem. Stress can be a cause of acne and meditation is a great treatment to relieve it. According to research done by the University of Sheffield, meditation, along with other techniques such as relaxation sessions and cognitive behavior therapy, helped people who suffered from acne, psoriasis, eczema, and vitiligo pigment disorder.

Another study showed that meditation can have a positive impact on people who suffer from psoriasis. The patients were also undergoing ultraviolet light therapy. The results showed that those who meditated managed to heal faster than the ones who did not.

2. Meditation has an impact on the aging process

Meditation is based on certain breathing exercises that are meant to relax your body and make you feel calm. While doing them, you add oxygen to your body and, thus, to your skin. This helps your skin cells and tissues and makes your skin look younger. It can reduce wrinkles and give you a natural glow.

In order to look young, you need to feel young. In other words, you need to feel that you have a healthy body. Meditation can be used as a treatment for muscle aches, headaches, sleeping problems or ulcers. It helps you feel good and be able to do your daily activities.

Also, meditation can increase the production of serotonin, one of the ‘happy hormones’. This brings you into a better mood and being happy makes you look young.

3. Meditation helps you make better decisions

Having a good mood and being able to see things clearly are two key factors that play an important role in the decision-making process. When you are calm and your mind is clear, you can make great decisions that concern your lifestyle. For instance, you can feel motivated to eat healthily and have balanced meals. Alimentation is very important for healthy skin. Regularly eating fresh fruits and vegetables can improve the aspect of your skin.

A balanced and healthy lifestyle can have a great positive impact on your general moods. Feeling that you are in control of your life can make you happy and appreciate what you have.

The benefits that meditation can bring to your body are valuable for a healthy lifestyle. Regularly spending a few minutes relaxing and doing breathing exercises may not only improve the aspect of your skin, but it can also change how you feel. Having an optimistic perspective can make things totally different and have a happy healthy lifestyle.