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Review 1
Reviewed by Herman Sylvester who purchased from King of software.

See for a photoshop. Excess computers had a great price on a king of software unit. Positive – price, worked directly of the box, I got it the next day.

Review 2

Reviewed by JohnfromLosAngel who purchased from King of software.

I studied the other reviews here and can’t support but think they’re talking about several companies. I had a special thing I want, and the woman who NOW has the company could not have been more accommodating and helpful. I believe she said she only took over the company. She jumped within way more hoops than someone selling me a computer at that amount should.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am NOT in any form affiliated with them, or have any relatives or friends join with them.

Review 3
Reviewed by Lmoseley who purchased from King of Software.

I have placed many orders with King of Software with good results. There was a difficulty with my last order, but it was quickly resolved to my relief after e-mail. All calls reach to voice mail, and every voice mailboxes are full.

Review 4
Reviewed by j_sloan who purchased from King of software.

I arrange an order for items shown in stock, 2 Adobe Software. Despite showing “in stock” on the website, and my intimate to ship partially. The vendor decline to ship until the memory modules could be purchased from their vendor. I subsequently asked them to cancel this part of the order and bought them locally. The order finally shipped three weeks after being placed, and involve the memory modules that I was billed for, and of course presently did not need. This is representative of my experience with the king of software, but frankly, the rate is so outstanding that once you get something you want if you aren’t in too much of a rush, you may as well buy it. It is frustrating not to be able of speaking with someone, and regularly e-mails take 24 hours + for the response, but you’ve got to look at the value.

Review 5
Reviewed by Dollarlock who purchased from King of Software.

Ordered Adobe software. They immediately shipped a software require me to pay return shipping. They simply priced themselves out of my industry. I do not suggest doing business with this vendor.
UPDATE!!! Carlos with contacted me shortly after the initial review. They have sent me a software, already received, and did not also want the black one returned. I believe this is more than right. I will consider making contracts with them in the future.

Review 6
Reviewed by erosario who purchased from King of Software.

Advertised combo restore Board/CPU/VGA got 2 of 3 board/VGA no CPU. No reply since I emailed Fri the Tuesday NO PHONE to call. Asked while ordering if this was an error all three for one LOW price was post email what it states on the advertisement is what you get with the order NOT TRUE. Happy to see BIG rate drop on shipping still disappointed on merchandise received and advertisement.

Review 7
Reviewed by aalborz who purchased from King of Software.

I received the server in excellent condition and in time. It was a deal for what I paid and was ready to use it immediately. If I want to get another compact server, I’ll get it from
The single thing that would give them a 5-star software re-seller has a phone # to investigate about specific technical questions on the products.

Review 8
Reviewed by front24200 who purchased from King of Software.

I have shopped with these guys ever as they were Software and Stuff. Always an impressive selection of products and nice deals. Items for sale are well-described and have a warranty.
I don’t know the “high shipping costs” complaints I see here, though.
1 – Shipping is related to other online shops.
2 – The product pricing is normally low.
3 – If you order varied items they always combine shipping.
4 – UPS rates have moved up over the years, so stores have to charge extra to ship stuff. There are a merest charge UPS has whether it’s a rule of RAM or a box of lead.
5 – they newly lowered shipping rates – it’s probably barely covering costs
Overall this is a real honest vendor. I will proceed to do business with them in the future.

Review 9
Reviewed by bmwbrian who purchased from King of Software.

The order comes quickly and in good shape. It was packed well. King of Software did Accept job of “status” the order via e-mail. The only downside is no telephone access to anything. However, they are quick replying to e-mails, and as see do status you on order.
I am working one of the products I ordered make this note. I have full confidence I will be ordering from King of Software again.

Review 10
Reviewed by pfsullivan_105 who purchased from King of Software.

The company has, overall, a real record. HOWEVER: all once in a while, they will either advertise an item that they don’t have or that they have an indigent supply of, so that you go in “Backorder hell” when the supply runs out. The company doesn’t provide you any date for when the part may be available. At least they don’t charge you for the item though you’re bought
As I live within a day’s drive, also items shipped “Ground” arrive the following day.

Review 11
Reviewed by artwell who purchased from King of Software.

I ordered a Adobe Photoshop. The rate was great, and the shipping for this was easy! It was shipped quickly, and I received soon after. The great part is that it worked perfectly. The full experience exceeded my expectations.

Review 12
Reviewed by spinachi who purchased from King of Software.

I buy a software. It runs fine. I still have it. Great review for this item. Good review for the king of software.

Review 13
Reviewed by SOSHmSchMom who purchased from King of Software.

I ordered a software– twice–for a friend and me. Both came very quickly and had worked great for an audio recording of lectures. The shipping was free. The only review I’ve had in the past was the high shipping cost when they WERE charged. I understand that recently those rates have been decreasing, and I’m glad. I’ve been a customer for 10 or longer years, and I’ve always been satisfied with my orders.

Review 14
Reviewed by wkeatonjr who purchased from King of Software.

Great prices, excellent products. Will shop and buy again!

Review 15
Reviewed by danhil2 who purchased from King of Software.

There is amazing ultra-cheap stuff to stay away from, but on branded items, the cost is usually good, although some things are infrequently higher than other sites. Refurbished items do arrive in “definitely used” condition, but it has ever been disclosed in the description. Shipping has always been durable than advertised although it takes more than it should. I’ve never had to contact maintenance so I cannot comment on it.

Review 16
Reviewed by jmace57 who purchased from King of Software.

I have bought several items from King of Software through the years. Each time it has been something was promised. In this case, I had to cancel and order, and was capable of doing that without issue. My only complaints are relatively long shipping costs…and a lack of contact about your order. I will proceed to do business with them.

Review 17
Reviewed by jr97 who purchased from King of Software.

Fast shipping, noted prices, and lots of products. I highly recommend

Review 18
Reviewed by rockyrbrown who purchased from King of Software.

I have been a faithful customer for more than ten years back when they had a market to shop in. I had always got what I require and when there was a problem they resolve it right away. I’ve since moved to Missouri and am yet ordering. It would be important to have a phone number for us to communicate you but other than that I have no complaints!

Review 19
Reviewed by Network Guy who purchased from King of Software.

I found this person about eight years ago when looking for some older software blog element. I’ve been on their email list always since.
I order anything about 1 or 2 times a year. All orders placed were received in a fair time except 1. That order had a thing that was out of stock. I have maximum orders shipped ground. Except for the one order, I Nevermore had to call them.
Rate this merchant as very good. Will purchase from them again.

Review 20
Reviewed by goeko who purchased from King of Software.

Great deal on an item, got the item suitable, item worked as promised, shipping was a bit big but Overall good store to deal with. I suggest them to others and plan to proceed to shop at in future. Thanks.

Review 21
Reviewed by deektribe who purchased from King of Software.

I buy from King of Software all the time; They just decrease shipping to $4.75 per shipment so that I won’t whine about that…They don’t offer a telephone number so you can talk to a genuine person, so that is a fixingI have received DOA servers from them, but they replaced them without trouble. 95% of the item are rate EXCELLENT…the other 5% you can see cheaper elsewhere, but I think that is a much good ratio. Overall, I give them two thumbs up…it they have anything you want, you can purchase with confidence.

Review 22
Reviewed by pburgett who purchased from King of Software.

King of Software has very good prices on a comprehensive variety of products. I review there often and find things I want. Their shipping runs on the large side correlate to other sites I purchase from, and they are sometimes not helping to notify you off back ordered/out of stock items. Besides those problems, I will continue to buy from them and still suggest the site.

Review 23
Reviewed by ediehl who purchased from King of Software.

I’ve placed several orders with King of Software and been frequently satisfied. The only time that I had a problem when I notified King of Software of the problem they just credited my charge card the whole amount of the purchase. Cool!
Review 24
Reviewed by phunt38 who purchased from King of Software.
My wife was in dire want of a laptop that had good display ability and adequate memory. As finances were tight, we had considered various options. None were to purchase a different laptop. But having buy with Surplus Computers before I knew I would see nothing less than advertised.
She wants a graphical display, good memory, and a decent hard drive. We did not want lightning fast speed, but $100 for a 1 Gigabyte processor simply could not be passed up!

When the laptop does deliver, I looked over our buying and realized that I had gotten an exceptional deal. It was not very long till my wife was back in service.
Thanks for an excellent product!

Review 25
Reviewed by daykel who purchased from King of Software.

Good overall experience with the company I have ordered from them several times and have had no real problem. I ordered a current laptop time, and it worked excellently and was shipped in a great time. Ordered on 12/01/09 and had it before Christmas. Shipping was a little high, and there were several cosmetic issues but nothing a skin could not hide. Overall I will buy from again.

Review 26
Reviewed by jazzphotog who purchased from King of Software.

Item was as represent; shipped a day after order placing; received as described. What more could be wanted?
I know..a will call mark window for buying made by local customers.

Review 27

Reviewed by klaser2000 who purchased from King of Software.
accept it or not, the weekly email I take from King of Software is probably the single piece of SPAM I read. In fact, I look ahead to it because I know there will always be something that I require to buy, and it will be inexpensive. I’ve never been dissatisfied by anything has to offer. They are trustworthy.

Review 28
Reviewed by Wakblak who purchased from King of Software.

King of Software has good deals.
Shipping is moderately slow, yet when they have something priced fair, I pounce.
Products are as define, and I haven’t had anything break on me, however.

Review 29
Reviewed by Ken528 who purchased from King of Software.

I have buy from this company many times, both before and after they transfer ownership. I have obtained bare bones systems, motherboards, used computers, and other components as well as a lot of small gadgets. I have had minimal difficulty. My only complaint would be the extreme shipping charges, which often deny the low prices and induce me to rethink ordering. I would order a lot more often whenever they got this under control.

Review 30
Reviewed by talonts who purchased from King of Software.

Excellent items, often cheap, but the extremely large shipping often have me from making orders. Too often the shipping can be more than the item itself. If they decrease shipping costs, I will make a lot more orders.

Review 31
Reviewed by secristr who purchased from King of Software.

King of Software offers a variety of things people with a digital lifestyle demand that are a good value and delivered probably. If you are tech savvy and know whatever you’re looking for, the information display about their products online is beneficial, the pictures are an accurate description of what you get, and I’ve had no unpleasant surprises. The best rate is the ones with free shipping, because if you’re going to purchase less than $50 worth of stuff the shipping ever seems to be half the cost of the order. They require looking in the fixed-rate shipping boxes from the post office because if the shipping weren’t so much, I’d order from them a lot more. My preferred thing is they often have items that are on the different side and can be difficult to find, especially if you don’t live in a higher metropolitan area with a Fry’s or anything. The products may not be superior brands all of the time, but they are reliable, functional, and fairly to very nicely priced but for the shipping cost. Seldom they will run out of an item before I get to it, which is unexpected, but understandable. Accordingly, I rarely eat the pricey shipping to get specifically what I require, because if you went to a big box chain or got a name brand the similar item would be at a higher price, and sadly, the shipping makes up that distinction. Once the order arrives, though, I am usually quite pleased with the value, particularly if what I want came up under free shipping, which is usually a pretty nice deal. I surely thing the 6-month 4/10 rating is unfair, and would rate them more on the lines of the 8/10 theirs long-term center is listed at on this site; the number would be even long if it weren’t for the shipping costs.

Review 32
Reviewed by techham who purchased from King of Software.

I have ordered items from King of software for the last several years. Sometimes I have had a problem, but they have always been fixed. Speed on the reply is not always fast, but I figured they were a modest company. Shipping tends to be large, but you can still find some great deals.

Review 33
Reviewed by allanc who purchased from King of Software.

Bought numerous items from them; Never had any dilemma.

Review 34
Reviewed by bond007x who purchased from King of Software.

I miss having will-call / direct presence for King of Software since I’m confined to them. Having to pay shipping costs on little items which weigh almost nothing is disturbing when I can run there in 10 minutes and pick it up. It seems like will-call assistance at a warehouse would require minimum effort and provide tremendous customer satisfaction. Value continues to be great, and I like the guys that run the company.

Review 35
Reviewed by tmeason who purchased from King of Software.

I like that a lot of you material is free shipping. I like free shipping. I more like that you have older computer technology because I have to manage with the older computers often and your rate is reasonable.

Review 36

Reviewed by mg hard who purchased from King of Software.
It’s been and although since I ordered from them. It does take some persistence sometimes to get your order; however, the pricing does take some of the stings continuously. You should surely understand the shipping charges before fixing your order.

Review 37
Reviewed by DNAgent who purchased from King of Software.

Great prices on items, HOWEVER … their shipping is exorbitantly high. Also, several times you will put in an order and the items won’t be delivered because they’re not in stock. If they’re not in property, they should list them as do out-of-stock on the website!

Review 38
Reviewed by drmark15us who purchased from King of Software.

The prices are fabulous. The shipping went without a hitch. However, I am happy with the customer service. Surely they will do sufficient with my next order.