How to Wear Jeans with walking Shoes?

How to Wear Jeans with walking Shoes

Jeans with walking Shoes are a great combination. You could wear them on many occasions from formal, semi-formal, to casual. So, how to wear jeans with? Here are some ideas.

Show off yourself by cuffing your jeans

If you want to show off your and your jeans are too long to cover them, you could cuff your jeans. Cuffing your jeans is easy. The key here is to cuff it above the ankle rather than trying to tuck your jeans into yours. Fold the hem of your jeans. See if the folded jeans give space to you to showcase. If necessary, you could wrap it two times or more.

Show off yourself by folding the hem inward

If you wear skinny or tight jeans, cuffing your jeans will not work. If you prefer to hide the fold to avoid intervention, you could fold the hem of the jeans inward and then tuck them in. This method is very suitable for tight jeans or skinny cuts. If you wear skinny jeans, remember to iron the jeans so that they look neat all day.

Crop the hem

Use the scissors to crop the part of the hem of the jeans. Sometimes, it is challenging to find the jeans that have the perfect length for your measurement. When you wear too-long jeans, there’s a risk to conceal yourself. It is a pity when such amazing for bunions are not viewable. So, use your scissors to crop them so that you can achieve the adequate length to make a good proportion of your jeans and. If you can’t do it yourself, reach your favorite tailor and let him do the work for you.

Wear the same colors

If you want to appear more proportional, the easy trick is to use the same colors for both the jeans and shoes. That way, your legs will look better.

Zipper cuff without sacrificing the length

Your jeans might belong so that you need to fold and tuck them in. Some people do not want to crop their jeans for a good reason. So, the best solution for this is to modify your jeans with a zipper cuff to adjust the length that you want. Alternatively, you could buy jeans with zipper hem from the market.

Styles of the jeans that work well with

There are many products that you can find online to give you unlimited ideas of fashion. You can make a new style and become a trendsetter with different forms of jeans. Some of the popular styles are ripped knees, black denim, simple crop, classic jeans straight, oversized jeans, and so on. You will have the freedom to mix and match them to find out which one works best for you.

The perfect size

Whether you are wearing riding boots, work boots, overweight walkers boots, or other types of boots, the key here is the fitting of the jeans and the boots. Make sure you pick the and jeans with the perfect size. You will want to measure first before picking one from the brick-and-mortar store. However, if you purchase all the stuff online, you will want to read the descriptions given by the seller. If necessary, contact their customer support for further questions.


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