How to Make Coffee at Home

How to Make Coffee at Home

In the morning, A good cup of coffee can set the mood for whole day. With these simple rules you will be able to make a perfect cup of coffee in the morning, right in your home. It is very easy than you think – by storing coffee beans properly and using the best filters will prevent undesirable bitterness or flavorless from your cup. So, by following these simple rules you will discover how to make coffee at home and get a satisfying delicious cup of coffee in the morning.

Tips to Make Coffee at Home

There are many ways to make a perfect coffee at home instantly. Basic instant coffee has been long-standing favorite, but nowadays instant iced coffee at home becoming more popular increasingly and instant coffee shake & instant latte are easy choice as well. With these easy steps you’ll find out how to make coffee at home with all these tactics. In general, we suggest about per 8-ounce cup of coffee, use 15 grams of ground coffee.

  1. Basic Instant Coffee


1-2 tsp. instant coffee.

1-2 tsp. sugar. (if needed)

1 cup / 240 ml hot water.

Milk or creamer (if needed)


To heat up a cup of water: To heat up a cup of water easily and quickly, use your microwave for 1 minute. Also, you can heat water using a pot or kettle on the stove. After heating your water over medium high heat, just before water starts to boil, take it off of the stove.

  • Heat 240 ml / 1 cup of water for 1 serving. If you want to make more servings, use more water.
  • You can use a kettle that will make easier to pour the hot water into your mug.

Use 1-2 tsps. of instant coffee: To fix how much instant coffee you should use to get the best taste, check your instant coffee containers label. Most of the companies recommend to use 1-2 tsps. for 1 cup / 240 ml of water.

  • If you like stronger coffee then use more coffee and if you like weaker coffee then use less.

Mix the coffee with cold water: You can mix the coffee with a little bit of cold water that gently dissolves it. Gently, mixing the coffee instead of hot water will improve the taste.

Add the hot water: Pour the hot water gingerly, especially when you are not using the kettle. If you don’t like your coffee black, keep in mind to leave space for milk or creamer.

Add in spices or sugar if wished: If you want a richer coffee flavor, add spices or sugar after you mix the coffee with hot water. If you would like add cocoa powder, a tsp. of sugar, allspice or cinnamon.

  • Also, you can use a flavored creamer. You know that most of the flavored creamers are very sweet, so possibly you won’t need extra sugar anymore.

If you don’t like black coffee add milk or cream: Spoon almond milk, dairy milk or any other non-dairy, flavored cream or cream into your coffee, the right amount to use depends on how much dark or light you like your coffee.

  • You can also drink your instant coffee in black by skipping the cream or milk.

Before you serve the coffee stir it: Before you enjoy your coffee or serving it to someone else, give it a good stir. To evenly blend the sugar and milk, mix them until they are uniform in color, if you are using them.

  1. Instant Iced Coffee


½ cup / 120 ml of cold water or milk

½ cup / 120 ml of hot water

Milk / creamer (if needed)

Sugar, vanilla or spices (if needed)

Ice cubes


Mix instant coffee with hot water: To heat the water use your microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Stir the instant coffee with ½ cup or 120 ml of hot water together until the granules of coffee are dissolved.

  • Before you mix the coffee in your glass or using a separate cup, ensure that the cup you are using is microwaveable.
  • Microwave the water in a measuring cup or any other kind of vessel with a spout if you will pour the coffee over ice in a separate cup.

Mix spices or sugar into the warm mixture if wished: When you are using spices or sugar, you must add them before the ice and milk or cold water. Cinnamon, sugar, allspice and the other ingredients will mix better in the warm mixture.

  • Instead of sugar and spices, you can add syrup or flavored coffee creamer.

Add cold water or milk to the mixture: You can use ½ cup or 120 ml of cold milk instead of water to have a creamier iced coffee. Stir it until everything is mixed and distributed evenly.

Over some ice pour your cold coffee: With the ice cubes fill a tall glass and pour the cold coffee over the ice slowly. If it is the glass that you want to drink from have made the coffee, just add ice to the glass.

Serve the instant coffee quickly: You can sip your iced coffee directly from the glass or you can use a straw to it. Before all the ice melts and water’s it down, drink it or serve it to others.

  1. Instant Latte


½ cup or 120 ml of hot milk

¼ cup or 60 ml of hot water

1 tbsp. instant coffee

1-2 tsps. sugar (if needed)

Cocoa, vanilla or spices extract (if needed)


Mix instant coffee with hot water: Heat the water for ¼ cup or 60 ml of hot water in your microwave for 20-30 seconds. After adding the instant coffee, stir it until the coffee granules are fully mixed.

  • Mix the coffee and water in you mug. The mug should be able to contain at least 1 cup or 240 ml.


Add spices or sugar if needed: Add a tsp. of sugar, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, vanilla extract or a flavored coffee syrup, if you want your coffee sweet or flavored. Add it into your mug and stir until it’s completely mixed.

Shake the milk in a closed jar: Pour ½ cup or 120 ml milk into a lidded microwave-safe jar, close it and shake it for 30-60 seconds hardly.

Heat up the milk for 30 seconds: After removing the jar lid, heat the milk. The foam will be rising to the top of the milk.

Pour the milk in your mug: As you are pouring the hot milk into the coffee base, you can use a large spoon to hold the back froth. You have to stir the mixture gently until it’s completely mixed.

  • Never mix all of the steamed milk if you want your latte darker. To reach your desired color, add enough amount of it.

Top your latte with whipped cream or the milk foam: Add a dollop of whipped cream or spoon the milk froth from the jar over the latte for extra richness.

Serve the latte quickly: Lightly dust the whipped cream or the milk foam with nutmeg, cinnamon, cocoa or other spice you like. Till it’s hot and the milk is frothy, quickly sip or serve it.

Now you know the common tactics to make an instant coffee at home to enjoy your morning coffee. But there are so many techniques to make coffee at home. Now, you know how to make coffee at home instantly to enjoy a tasty, desired and flavored coffee.