How to Design a House Interior – PickFairly


When you have decided to change your home’s interior, you must have come across the dilemma of “how to find the right home interior design ideas to create the perfect space at home.”

As we all know, with every changing year, the house interior designing trends have changed. It is indispensable to be aware of the latest design styles, materials & colors to decorate the home. When a perfect design, material, and style incorporates, it will create an ideal home interior. Your home showcase a lot of things about you; it says a lot about your personality. The home should be a consistent reflection of you.

To design the interior of any home irrespective of its size requires a lot of planning, including space planning, functional design, layout of the house, color combination & modern home interior design ideas. No doubt, you could perform the home interior designing task by yourself if you are born with the ability to visualize everything by considering the design principle else, hiring an interior designer will help you to make the best decisions for your home and help you to avoid costly mistakes so that the interior of the house will add value to it.

If you have bought your new home and want your dream vision to be turn out into reality, then hiring a home interior designing company is the best option for you. There are plenty of interior design companies available in the market. Based on your requirement, you can look for them online or by approaching designing schools; another source is the home décor magazines and blogs where you can easily find the best interior designing professionals.

The following steps will help you to design your home interior in a way you are craving to create:

Find Out Your Style & Come Up with Basic Vision: 

Whenever you look for design ideas over the internet or any magazine, there were too many endless designing sources available, from old-fashionable style to current designing trends. By gaining unique interior designing ideas, you can create your idea book. It is up to you to decide whether you want a modern home interior design, a cozy European-influenced cottage, or a very casual look. You can choose according to your personality. Also, you’ll make your own design decisions by using your style and design preferences.

Choose a Colour Scheme:

Once you’ve got the idea about the style, the next step is to determine the color you want, which is the most important and cost-effective decision you can make. Choosing a color is a very personal thing; each color is unique and can set different kinds of moods, wisely choose the color that will put an excellent attitude for you, and give your home an elegant yet classy look as you want.

Try out some actual paint colors on your wall as a sample when looking for the options and observe them in natural light. This will give you a clear idea about how the color will look day and night. Sometimes the room done with only one color might be boring; it is always advisable to go with a combination of three colors. Choose your color and mix the three-color shades, one for the main walls, another for the furniture, and the third that pops into accessories.

You can choose a color according to your preferences and blend the colors according to your liking to make a pleasing combination. Each room has a different purpose for serving. Hence, you could use different colors throughout the home. So, find a color that you love that adds plenty of texture to your home.

Statement Furniture:

A statement piece of furniture instantly adds life to the living room of your home. To ensure a vibrant living room, the furniture plays an essential role. When it comes to redesigning your interior, furniture should be the first component to consider for your space that is frequently noticeable about a room.

Always try to give a balanced look to the room, well mix the furniture styles and sizes so that the room will not look too bulky or too spindly. If you fill the room with many statement pieces, it will feel like the room is shouting at you. Hence, if there is one statement piece, try to keep the next thing smaller or simple. Get it clear in your mind about the furniture, its type, and try to juxtapose it with its best opposite match.

The presence of a good variety of furniture makes your house more functional, substantial and adds meaning to the house. When it comes to home interior design, personal choice matters; by keeping the essential elements of design in mind and your lifestyle, you can upgrade your home’s look and feel.

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation:

The home renovation process includes de-cluttering and maximizes storage, which can significantly improve your house’s interior. You can choose your bathroom vanity choice, which suits your personality, and new kitchen cabinets that will provide a fresh new look to your kitchen. By utilizing your kitchen to its maximum capacity, you can quickly solve the problem of storage. If you are on a tight budget, then also by performing DIY kitchen cabinets or recycling the old things, you can give a new look to your home.

Adding glamour into your kitchen, you should go with stainless steel and edgy surfaces; a gold mirror island can be the fun element. Bring out the cohesive look by mixing the old and new kitchen cabinets and give old cabinets a good finishing by repainting them.

Boost your bathroom design by the combination of bold and rich color and adding some quirky patterns. Start by replacing the old tiles or paint the bathroom wall by applying a fresh coat of paint that matches your new designing idea. Install a brand new towel rod and toilet paper holder. Change the whole vanity if require, like shower faucets, old bathroom faucets, sinks. Also, the addition of new and beautiful patterns of light gives your bathroom an exceptional feel.

Select the items as per your requirement and consider both the design and functionality in mind. By incorporating these simple steps, you can renovate your home beautifully.

Installation of Interior Decoration:

Once you have decided on your home’s mood that you want at the end of home renovation, it will be easy for you to choose the decorative items includes accessories and furnishings, to bring out the effect. There are plenty of ways to decorate the house, and the most natural, pleasing, and beneficial way is the addition of plants. The home decoration with plants add pops of colors and serve their benefits as well. Plants bring out the joy and happiness to your home; it improves air quality by reducing the toxins in the air.

Installation of plants makes any space feel bright, gorgeous, and lively. You can make the area more interesting using various pots and mix the different sizes of pots at your convenience. Another way to add a new layer to your décor is by adding an indoor hanging plant; the long branch of hanging plants provides an unexpected touch to your room.

The addition of some natural elements gives a natural touch to your home and increase the texture, color, and positive energy to your surroundings.


These quirky yet straightforward home interior design tips will help you acquire a new lifestyle. By opting for unique style and decorative ideas, you can create visual interest and improve your home’s liveability.