Top 10 helpful foot care advice for your feet

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Healthy feet can affect overall wellness. It is essential to take care of your foot so that you can do the crucial routine activity in a proper manner. As we know, our feet are the necessary parts of the body that have pivotal roles in our daily activities from walking, standing, running, moving, and many more. With it being compromised, ones won’t have a good life. Here is the foot care advice that will save you from many problems.

Proper Foot Care for People with various jobs:

Always keep your feet clean and dry

wear the right shoesAs we know, moisture cannot be friendly with your feet. The humidity can procure the fungal organism to develop, and you don’t want to have the smelly feet. You can prevent it by cleaning your feet with the soap and water on a routine basis. Could you not forget to dry them?

For ladies, consider the duration of heels

Wearing high heels for hours will damage not only your feet, but also your backbone. Limit the time when you wear high heels. If your work dictates you to stand, walk, or move for hours, consider bringing flat shoes as the replacement. These will come in handy when you are done with your heels.

Wear the right shoes

There is no one wants to wear the wrong shoes. However, it can go deeper than that. For instance, don’t wear sandals when you are working in the restaurants. So wear the right shoes.

Undergo some tests

Wear spacious shoesMany people are not aware of the feet problems that they have until they were late to realize. You could check your feet by yourself whenever you have the free time. If you notice some signs like nails discolorations, you have the right to worry and contact your doctor.

Don’t wear sandals in hazardous areas

Some public areas might give you leverage to enjoy your free time. You will want to chill and relax. Be sure that you wear sandals in the right place. If you go to the hazardous areas, make sure you wear protective footwear to protect your feet.

Wear spacious shoes

Just for the sake of your fashion statement, it does not mean that you have to purchase the shoes that fit narrowly. Shoes that are too tight can procure many problems on your feet. Rather than narrow shoes, choose broader shoes with plenty of room for your feet.

Cut your toenails properly

Trimming toenails is a must-thing to do by all people. However, have you known the right way to do that? Consider not to round the corners of the nails, or trim too close to the skin. It will cause painful new toenails growth.

Beware when applying nail polish

Many want to improve their appearance by applying toenails polish. Well, you can do that too, in one condition. Make sure that there are no nails problems like thick, cracked, crumbling, or discoloration. Polish can make the infection worse.

Use breathable shoes

The last thing you want is that you feel discomfort about your feet because it is hot and sweaty. In any occasion, consider wearing shoes with breathable upper to let the air flows inside your boots and keep your feet dry and comfortable.


It doesn’t hurt to get the reflexology treatment after the hectic weekdays that you have been struggling. The good thing about the reflexology is that it will make your feet healthier, as well as your overall body.

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