FAKE RIPOFF REPORT. Cure Mental health or Energetic Healing With Graham Elkin


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FAKE RIPOFF REPORT. Cure Mental health or Energetic Healing With Graham Elkin. A false news against Graham Elkin at ripoffreport. ripoffreport published a false review article that says-

I met graham a few years ago. He claism to heal with energy work and he offers relationship advice to people in desperate situations. He is not highly accurate as he claims. I saw many people who ‘did not work things out’ with their EX’s as he claimed they would. I saw his enegry work fail on many people even make more problems for people. He charges a lot of money for what he does and the results are very mixed and even completely the opposite of what was intended. He made predictions of timeframes (inaccurate) outcomes (inaccurate) and even predicted school marks (inaccurate0 and pregnancies (inaccurate). He has his own website with a ‘girlfriend’ who is not a spiritual coach or guide. Together they do conspire to defraud and confuse people with pseudo science mumbo jumbo and fancy names for nothing more than scratchy sounds of a glass on a table.. Avoid this man and save your money. go to genuine psychics and healers who have real training and compassionate methods that do not cost a lot of money…Graham Elkin also known as Munum Medium he is a scam artist. He claims he can heal anything there is and he can cure it no matter the problem. Where as pain, heart problems, stress, allergies, can make the opposite gender attracted to you, smoking, weight loss. He claims the effects happen immediately. Don’t bother going to this man at all because he can not heal anyone he is no doctor nor is he God. He gets people by telling them he can heal many things to keep getting clients. This man is nothing but a scam artist. With his readings he is not accurate at all. Tells you what he thinks will get your hopes up so that you can return to him over and over again. The healing work he claims he can do is called Multi Sensational Healing which is nothing but phony. You don’t see or hear anything as he claims you will during a healing. He is robbing people blind of their money and he has done this numerous of times.

A consumer hastily posted a false claim on rip off report against our mind improvement company for a healing service he bought and laid down. He was in a rush and went against advice not to lay down. He plugged in and it didn’t come on. He did not hesitate to write a bogus complaint. He contacted us after filing with rip off report unknowing to graham elkin. He also posted our munummedium business in the report in error. Having no nothing to do with the fake report. Rip off report will not correct or remove without thousands of dollars paid to Ed the owner. Neither consumer nor our company was able to have post corrected or removed without a large payment to rip off report. Rip off report post has not able to harmed both of our businesses immensely, because do not believe that scam review. It is the only report brought up to our attention many times by the public. Most people have not entered the site to read the request for removal post by consumer and graham elkin side. Rip off report and their agent intentionally tried to caused harm to both of our companies and does not care about our concerns. I contacted and pleased with rip off report to correct this and Ed refused without a large amount of money paid to him. He sent me an email stating how much was required to pay rip off report to remove the post. Rip off report should be banned from internet and charged with fraud. Rip off report should pay each consumer and or company for their losses.

Rip off report has a good innocent talk and thoughts! Want justice!? Report any scam, fraud, complaint or review on any type of company, individual, service or product here. But Rip off report itself breaking it’s quote.

Some lie comments are:

I hate to tell you this but if someone is claiming to be a psychic online then they are lying!!! Listen im not dense enough to dismiss paranormal incidents but im smart enough to understand a scam. If someone is saying they can help you because they are “Gifted” online then they are scammin you!!! I know that common sense is not as common anymore but there has to be a point where something pops its head up in your brain!! Stop for a moment and think!!!! If someone is so gifted then why are they peddling thier gifts online?? One can safely assume that a truly gifted individual wouldnt need to go online to help others. The cosmos would provide for them!! So with just a little common sense you can see that gifted people are just playing your beliefs!! Look to yourself!! Its clearly obvious to anyone with two brain cells to smack together that online psychics are frauds!!!! If this imature attempt to sabotage my business continues, I will contact your father, the italian ambassador, as well as my lawyer. If my abilities were so “Inaccurate” then why did you spend 3 years having readings back to back, every day? The reason I refused to have any further sessions with you is due to your obsessive behavior and your irrational illusions about the girl, ann, whom you stalked all the way to university of the pacific in stockton california. I refuse to support your irratic behavior and regardless of how much you continue to harass me and my business, I will stand firm in my decision. You have been banned from the company I work for, because you used a stolen credit card and continued to have excessive readings on oranum.Com. As far as the statements you’ve made about my business and my character, I have nearly 10,000 positive testimonials and hundreds of repeat clients. I conduct myself and my business with ethics and high standards, and I hold all the qualifications necessary to run a professional and successful business. Again, if this harrassment continues, I will have no choice but to contact authorities. I recieved a link to this report by one of mr. Graham previous co-worker. I did not write this review, however I agree on the inability of mr elkin to get correct physic readings. The fact that this is the only complain he has rebutted on this site about his fraudulent practices show that he is the original author of this complain and is using my name to support his machinations. If he wants to bring a legal suit against me he is welcome to try it, however if this complaint is not removed or altered, I will start a legal suit against mr elkim for defamation of character and identity theft.

Why Graham Elkin is one of the greatest recommended therapist?

Graham Elkin expertise in Energy Medicine with his central focus being sound therapy. Graham has a long list of reform and valued clients, whom he appreciate greatly.

Given the ever-increasing “global community” that we momentarily enjoy, Graham has developed various other techniques to spread healing via sound and vibration to those who require it.
Graham Elkin is a Medium and Healer. He has worked professionally in this field for over 25 years. While mediumship is his field, and the gift that appeared briefly, (age 13) Graham’s focus and calling are Healing. Frequently, he does this by vibration, a repetition or vibrational energy. We suggest to this as energy healing. This healing was beginning used by Imhotep 5000 years ago. Imhotep is known as the “Father of Medicine.” He was believed to have used a Lyre, an early form of a harp to find the right frequency to address particular needs. Graham’s methods are varied; he can get the required frequency in particular ways. In personal or one on meetings, a manageable touch is all that is required. Graham’s preferred system for distance healing is to use iolite, a natural semi-precious healing stone. The sound created is amazing, but hits right the frequency smoothly. To date, there have been no boundaries to what can be healed this process. Quite often through any healing session, you may experience messages in everything format is appropriate to you. For example, multiple clients report hearing particular words in the healings, other news images, and others a simple “knowing” of how to lead forward. For each person the healing will be unique – please mention to our testimonial page for an implication of how others have experienced this healing.