Every Moms Secret To Jogging With A Stroller


I know the question in your mind right now. The answer is YES! It is possible and very healthy to run or jog with a stroller.

There is usually this misconception that once you become a mother fitness is not exactly an option. When my sister became a mother, she would put her little girl in the stroller, and they would go for a jog together.

The mother gets to exercise and clear her head, and the baby gets to enjoys fresh air and beautiful scenery.

As with every outdoor activity, running or jogging with a stroller can be risky if not carried out properly. In addition to getting a good jogging stroller. You will need the following tips to minimize the risk of injuries and make the jogging or run more enjoyable for you and your little one.

The Safe Route

You and your baby’s safety should be the first thing in your mind. Before you set out for the exercise you must check the route you will be taking safe. I want to share my personal experience there was some day ago when my sister and her baby went for jogging, and she follows a route that had too many fallen branches.

Do not take a route that has many obstacles like fallen branches, too many bicycles or cars because an accident can occur. For you to enjoy your run take a route that is safe and clear.

Your Running/Jogging Form

How do you like to jog? With both hands on the handlebar or just one? Apparently, most mothers usually like to use one hand and keep interchanging them.

It comes in handy when they wish to take water or receive a phone call while still jogging. Unfortunately, if your handlebar is double-wide you are unlikely to afford this luxury. This is because both hands are expected to be on the handlebars for efficient control.

Inspect the Stroller before Heading Out

Before you embark on a run, ensure that your stroller is in the right condition. Check for any vulnerabilities. Ensure that the screws are intact and the tires are inflated.

Double-check that you have carried with you all the things you will require for the run, for instance, a bottle of water, diapers for the baby to mention but a few. It is also advisable to inflate your tires after a period to keep them in check

Do Not Push The Stroller

Due to technology, you do not have to strain to push the stroller. The beauty of the jogging stroller is that it has been designed to glide along. The momentum gained from jogging will get it driving itself. It saves a mother a lot of energy.

Check Your Feet Alignment, Shoulders and Elbows

When jogging, how are your feet aligned? Are they turned out or facing ahead? It is important to ensure that you exercise or run with your feet straight. As for the shoulders, they should be opened and not internally rotated.

For this to happen, your elbows should be slightly bent and close to the stroller. For those who use double-wide handlebars, their shoulders open automatically. As per as I know pickmybabycare.com provides one of the best reviews about jogging stroller which would be better and comfortable ride for your baby.

Final Verdict

Clearly, motherhood is not an excuse to being unfit. You can always go for a jog or a run with your baby(s). It is a good thing because you do not have to invest in a nanny or take your child to daycare every time you want to go for a jog.

Your baby could use the fresh air and getting natural beautiful skin with a change of scenery. Following the above tips will ensure that you and your bundle of joy enjoy a good run. You can even sign up for races that allow strollers.