Epic 450MX Treadmill Review

console is intuitive and easy to operate built in workout fans treadmill is heavy at 278lbs so most people will find it stable to run on; decent weight capacity for the price and the treadmill belt size is respectable for this price comes with heart rate programs warranty at 90 days for parts is embarrassing a total of eight workout programs is on the lower end incline only goes up to 10% motor could be a little more powerful given the belt it has to power The 450 MX Treadmill is a state of the art treadmill that helps you stay fit while getting all the convenience a treadmill has to offer.

Take advantage of the 6 Personal Trainer Workouts that automatically adjust the speed and incline of the treadmill during workout while having its focus on aerobic, weight loss or your performance goals. Let the 2 Heart Rate Programs help you stay in your target workout zone by adjusting the speed up or down based on your heart rate. It also features a ComfortStep Impact Reducing Cushioning which is an internal cushioning system of the 450 MX Treadmill that reduces the impact on your joints and let you have a more comfortable exercise surface. This treadmill has a ClearView Backlit Display to provide you extremely clear, color backlit readings that can be seen from nearly every angle without the glare. Its 1-Touch feature is also a great convenience. With a speed range of 0-10 moh, you can instantly adjust your speed up or down with just a single touch of a button without having to scroll tediously through a number of options. You can also use the 1-Touch technology to change the incline from 0-10% to raise the level of intensity, while helping you burn more calories at a lower speed.

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