Nordictrack E15.0 Elliptical Review

Obesity has become the nation’s problem concerning on health. More and more people have been flocking to the gym to seek remedy from this problem. You can work out out at home with the Nordictrack E15.0 Elliptical. With this, you’ll be saving more money rather than paying hundreds of dollars every month for gym fees. Choose among 36 installed workout programs. These are designed to make people effectively trim body to their ideal body weight. By knowing which program suits your needs, you’ll be fit and sexy in no time. Effectively work on your biceps and triceps with the Workout Arms. This comes with Soft-Touch Grips giving you that extra comfort to keep you going. The Nordictrack E15.0 Elliptical truly give you a total-body workout unlike any other machine does. You don’t have to worry about slipping off or falling down from the machine. The E15.0 Elliptical comes with the Oversized Muscle Tone Cushioned Pedals. You’ll assured to be safe and comfortable while you lose more and more pounds every time you workout. Size and weight isn’t an issue to this machine. The E15.0 Elliptical is a heavy-duty piece of equipment, made to withstand up to 400 pounds. This machine is certainly perfect for users of all ages and sizes. The E15.0 Elliptical is truly a remarkable machine. Efficient, effective, safe, and tough – these are only a few words that could describe it. Obesity can slowly be lessened if people would start living health. Make a difference and start from within. Get your very own E15.0 Elliptical and lead the way to a healthy life. This is probably the most stable and reliable elliptical offering from Nordictrack for the coming 2012 year thus far Though it has a price tag, it is justified by a 400 weight capacity which is the highest we’ve seen from Nordictrack thus far.

The 5 years parts and 2 years labor warranty though not jaw dropping especially at, is indicative of an elliptical that can take a lot of beating. iFit Live SHOULD be included but Nordictrack’s website is slightly contradictory by saying it’s included but the adapter requires a separate purchase the 10” screen makes surfing the web possible on this machine the angle of the pedals on this E15.0 is adjustable which means you can train specific muscle groups should you choose to one of the few ellipticals to offer not only an incline (which is a feature missing in many ellipticals) but also a decline ramp which creates a different workout environment entirely The sale price of at the time of review is just a little higher than what we would expect it to be. Perhaps later on, it’ll come down in price. The 2 HD videos don’t really add much to the user experience and it would be better if they had scrapped it entirely and lowered the price Weight of elliptical unknown Verdict: The Nordictrack E15.0 elliptical is basically Nordictrack’s attempt of cramming all the best features and components into one machine. If you’re looking for the best of what Nordictrack can offer at this point, we believe the E15.0 is as close as it gets. There really is very little else that Nordictrack can add to enhance it. With that said, a price of  is really not all that out of the question. If a treadmill with similar features were on sale at, it would garner a strong buy from us. But alas, an elliptical is not a treadmill. Ellipticals are less costly to manufacture simply because it doesn’t require one of the most expensive components of a treadmill (the motor) and also because ellipticals are less bulky and requires less physical material to make. But because treadmills are generally more popular, the E15.0 probably hasn’t reached the economies of scale where it could potentially be a few hundred dollars less. We’re hoping the E15.0 would sell for less than what we see right now but even if not, it’s still a decent choice for those who want the latest and greatest.

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