Norditrack AudioStrider 990 Elliptical Review

Norditrack Elliptical

Live life to the fullest only with the Nordictrack AudioStrider 990 Pro-2012. This machine has been the choice of health buffs across the country it’s about time you start using it. Fully packed with amazing features, you’ll certainly learn to love becoming fit and sexy. With a total of 30 preset workout programs, you won’t have to worry about memorizing confusing and tough programs. Just select among the machine wide array of exercise programs and work your way to fitness. You even have the option to customized your very own program. The Internet has become quite a necessity. The AudioStrider 990 Pro-2012 lets you live your web-life even while working out. With the iFit live you can check emails, update your status, chat with friends, or even workout with Jillian Michaels herself. Workout with complete focus and concentration with the machine’s Silent Magnetic Resistance. Never be distracted with noisy machine parts again. You even have the option to adjust the intensity as much as you want. The Nordictrack AudioStrider 990 Pro-2012 cares for your health too. With the Dual-Grip CardioGrip Monitor, you won’t have to be bothered of your heart’s performance while working out. The machine automatically checks your heart rate via built-in handlebar sensors.

Sleek and convenient. Blast your ears with the compatible music port for iPod. Never be bored and lifeless while working out. Motivate your senses with listening to your favorite music by plugging in your iPod to the AudioStrider 990 Pro-2012. Amazing features, great deals, one machine. What are you waiting for? You can certainly live a healthier life with the AudioStrider 990 Pro-2012. Go out and grab one today! Good Points Features 24 digital resistance levels which is unusual because we hardly ever see ellipticals come with more than 20 total resistance levels Though the Audiostrider 990 Pro does not include the iFit Live module (but is compatible), it makes up for it by including 30 built in workout applications which should be sufficient to keep you motivated at least in the beginning A lot of ellipticals have fixed strides but this elliptical has four different strides from 20” all the way up to 23” About half of all ellipticals on the market today does not feature an incline option but this one goes from 15 to 40 degrees Both the arm handles and the foot pedals are enhanced compared to the 2011 version with shortcut buttons on the handles and pedals that are adjustable Bad Points Despite the name, the Audiostrider 990 Pro is not the only elliptical from Nordictrack that supports audio (i.e MP3). In fact, most ellipticals from Proform and Nordictrack do support audio so the name is probably something that was retained for 2012 as the Audiostrider series has been around for some time now The 2012 version did not upgrade its warranty unfortunately which always raises suspicions in regards to its quality and reliability The unknown product weight adds to our suspicious to just how stable really is the 2012 Audiostrider 990 Pro Verdict If you’ve been contemplating between the 2011 and the newest 2012 version of the Nordictrack Audio Strider 990 Pro elliptical, there’s no contest. The newest version is better in almost every area. But is it necessarily a good buy? The Audiostrider 990 Pro is not perfect but depending on your needs, there may be better choices. One of the main gripes we have with this elliptical is the questionable reliability of the product. Not to say it will break down but when you’re buying something on the internet, you want to have at least some form of protection in case something goes wrong so the short warranty is something we would consider if we were the buyers.

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