Nordictrack Elite 12.7 Elliptical Review


Training will never be as good not until you have step up on the E 12.7 Elliptical. The immediate thing that you will notice once on the E 12.7 Elliptical is that it is definitely technologically savvy. Equipped with an integrated full color tablet and powered by Android, the E 12.7 Elliptical brings the world at your fingertips with its iFit technology. This technology provides users with a workout beyond compare. Expect better and faster results with this elliptical for it has a power adjustable stride together with its intensity stride incline ramp. From 0 to 20 degrees one will be able to adjust the ramp range without any hassle at all. The in-handle control allows users at any time to adjust incline, decline, and resistance. It even has built in sensors on its handle bars to monitor the heart rate known as the cardio Grip and it provides accurate readings. While training, one needs to stay hydrated this is why the E 12.7 Elliptical has water bottle holder. The toe-to-heel angle had been greatly considered for your comfort this is why this machine comes with gel padded pedals that are not only unique, but has three adjustment options as well. So take your training to the next level while getting all the tools that you need with the E 12.7 Elliptical. Strong Points: A 375 lb weight capacity is quite high for an elliptical that is not in the high-end price range The Nordictrack Elite series ellipticals all have heavy flywheels and the Elite 12.7 at 32 lbs is quite impressive The Elite 12.7 console allows you to surf the web on the android powered web browser.

If you’re looking for an elliptical that has this feature, the Elite 12.7 and A.C.T Commercial 7 are the most affordable and basic models at the present time (July, 2013) Both the stride and the foot pedals are adjustable on this model so you’re more likely to find a position that is most comfortable for you Included wireless strap, incline ramp, in-handle resistance and incline controls, and built-in HD videos are all nice touches for an elliptical in the middle-upper price range Weak Points: The weight of the elliptical is not known (as usual) so it’s fair to say that you shouldn’t test the 375 lb weight capacity limit If the elliptical is sufficiently light enough to move using the built-in transport wheels, it might not be the sturdiest elliptical Verdict: (Verdict is based on a sale price of) If we were in the market for an elliptical with high-end features without the high-end price tag, the Nordictrack Elite 12.7 will be one of our top contenders in July of 2013. The main reason for this is because there is very little that the Elite 12.7’s biggest sisters’ (Elite 14.7 and Elite 17.7) have that the 12.7 doesn’t. For a few extra hundred dollars more, you’re only getting a bigger monitor, a decline option and possibly better construction quality. So if you’re looking to save a few (hundred) bucks, the Elite 12.7 is a great choice. If you’re still not quite ready to part with your hard-earned cash, consider this. If you had shopped for your elliptical back in 2011, an elliptical with similar features to the Elite 12.7 could easily cost you more than. It’s only because Nordictrack has achieved economies of scale in the past few years that you’re now able to get some of their higher end features like their Android powered console, at prices or possibly lower.

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