Cougar paws steel walker boots review – Estimator roofing boot for steel walker

Cougar paws steel walker boots review - Estimator roofing boot for steel walker

One of the best boots for your roofing you can think about Cougar Paws Men’s Estimator Roofing boot without any hesitation.

Review highlights of Cougar paws steel walker boots

If you are entirely looking for a roofing boot then you might be interested to know its features, pros, and cons about the roofing boots. Firstly, this boot is made of leather and nylon. So, it gives you a perfectly stylish look. The combination of leather & nylon makes this boot utmost durable and keep awesome airflow on your feet. As a result of this is a good suitable to work even on the hottest roof. Also, this mix combination of two materials makes the boot resistant to heat so that you can work for a longer period under the sun for hours. Another thing to mention that, the sole of this boot is a little bit high and keeps your foot in a comfortable position on a narrow roof. Though this makes the boot a little bit fat it is a lightweight boot as a traditional one and best suitable for starting roofing work and light-duty jobs.

Why you should buy a Cougar paws steel walker boots?

The cushioned interior lining for cushy gives you a comfortable footing even on steeply pitched roofs. The bottom of the boot comes up with a non-slippy material so that gives you a smooth grip on your roof surface. However, this Couger Paws Men’s boot has some limitations. This boot is not resistant to water, oil, or ice. Therefore, it is not designed to be used on surfaces like snowy, oily, or icy places or not even in the frost or loose debris place. So, you need to be more careful if you are going to use this boot for any of these purposes. Moreover, you need to check and maintain this boot on a regular basis with good care to ensure your safety during your working time. However, you don’t want to get less than your money but this Cougar Paws Men’s Estimator Roofing boot really worth your choice as your best roofing boot.


Cougar Paws Men’s Estimator Roofing Boot is a solid one. It is tight but not too stiff so that you will wear this with comfort and ease.

Features of Cougar paws steel walker boots

The feature of the rubber sole in the Cougar boot is indeed robust to provide rigidness and traction. No matter the area that you are facing in your campaign, this pair will give its best to protect your foot and make it comfortable. The leather Cougar boot features the lug outsole, padded collar, as well as the logo label on the tongue part of the leather boots for fellows. It also has a smooth and oiled-leather upper, making it easier to repel the dust, water, clay, and outer elements. This point is necessary to protect your feet from outer elements. The lug outsole is advantageous to absorb the shock and give excellent traction. Whether you are dealing with property or the ocean, the Cougar Paws Men’s Estimator will be your best companion. Have this pair in your vestments, and you will be fit anytime. So, if you searching for a sturdy and durable boot then the Cougar Paws Men’s Estimator Roofing Boot can be the one for you.

What we like and don’t like about it?

Cougar Paws has made such a great pair that will help the real and passionate climber around the world. The leatherwork walk boots come with the quality breathable mesh and ghillie lacing. It is the speed-lace hardware at the top. The tongue will keep the trash out and make sure that you are happy all the time. Cougar Paws has the trademark features that you won’t find in other lifting boots. For the waterproof agent, Cougar Paws adds the M Select DRY technology which can seal the water out. Also, it adds the M Select FRESH technology in the boots to prevents the smell. That means you will be able to keep going on without worrying about your feet’ smell. It also has the ortho lite anatomical footbed for comfort, support, and shock absorption. Plus, the air cushion heel adds more stability and absorption of shock.

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