Nordictrack Commercial 2150 Treadmill Review


Being healthy and fit is not that easy. It takes pure discipline, commitment, and dedication. You got to have a balanced diet and an ample amount of exercise. The Nordictrack Commercial 2150 let’s you have the ultimate workout experience. Jam packed with a bunch of amazing features, you can catch up with your exercise regimen for sure. The iFit Live Technology can make your workout worthwhile. Go online through a wireless connection and download workout programs, customize your very own regimen, or even workout with Jillian Michaels herself. This features helps you communicate with other iFit members worldwide. Amazing! Worried about space? You won’t have to with the Nordictrack Commercial 2150. This has the Spacesaver design helps you conserve all the space you want. Conveniently fold it up and store it away. It even has the EasyLift Assist that makes it easier to move around. You don’t even have to worry about your hear condition.

This machine has the Cardiogrip Heart Rate Monitor. This allows you to work out to the max without the fear of keeling over. You can have your heart rate checked by holding on to the 2 hand-grip sensors or have it done wirelessly via Polar Wireless Chest Pulse. Let the AutoBreeze Workout fan cool you while working out. No more stuffy and humid workout sessions! Now, you can sweat it out but still feel refreshed every session. The Commercial 2150 has features unlike any other machine has. Go ahead and commit yourself to a happier and healthier living. Grab your very own Commercial 2150 today! iFit Live is built in and included when you buy the Commercial 2150. This is in my opinion, one of the best if not the best extra features in terms of usefulness and uniqueness out of all brands on the market today. You’re able to access the internet using the iFit Tablet which essentially refers to the internet browser that is integrated into the console The Commercial 2150 features an impressive 3.8 HP motor which powers an almost equally impressive spacious 20”x60” belt. Both of these components are above average compared to its competitors or even the older Nordictrack models at this price point Comes with a rare decline option. Nordictrack only started to offer the decline option in the last year or two but we expect this trend to continue in the coming years but for now, a decline option is still not often seen. 28 preset workouts (plus 10 from iFit Live), wireless heart rate monitor and support for your iPod are all fantastic features that round this treadmill Features 2 HD Workouts videos of Hawaii and Mexico which is not necessarily a bad thing (just don’t use it) and seems to be something Nordictrack is experimenting with in 2012. I’m sure after watching the same video for the fifth time, you’ll want to watch something different no matter how breathtaking the views are Weight of machine unknown which causes us to question the believability of the 375 lb weight capacity The Nordictrack Commercial 2150 retails for which though expensive, is still comparable to other non-ICON Fitness brands out there. If you’re buying your first treadmill from Nordictrack, you should know that practically all their products will be on sale at one point or another. In fact, most products are probably on sale for more than 50% of the time. So what you should pay attention to is the amount it’s discounted. At the time of review, the “sale price” is which is a 40% mark down. This is a good price given how many extra features are included and the components used. It is also possible for it to go down even a few hundred dollars lower or it could simply go up a few hundred dollars as well. I would say anywhere below is good value for your money but if you’re able to get it at between, you’re getting an awesome deal. Though the treadmill is supposedly “Commercial”, I am reserving my judgment until we get a decent number of actual user reviews.

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