Bates mountain combat boots review – a perfect choice for outdoor activity

Bates mountain combat boots review

When we are looking for a boot, the most important elements we see first are its comfort, performance and then the design. And, Bates with its Men’s Cobra Tactical Army Boot is passing those categories. The design is pleasing to our eyes; it is comfortable and works very well.

Bates Mountain Combat Boots Review

For more detail information about this product, you can read our Bates mountain combat boots review below.

Strong Appearance available on Bates mountain combat boots

It is not wrong to call this shoe as the army boot. As you can see, the design has so many accents and “muscle”. Each of those accents provides not only a beautiful appearance but also protection. Then, the dirt brown color, including the shoelace gives it another great point for its appearance value. Overall, this is the shoes you wear, if you want to look great in front of your mountain climbing group members.

Features of Bates mountain combat boots

Made of 100% leather and textile with a rubber sole, this shoe is perfect for outdoor activity and even extreme conditions. However, Bates doesn’t stop with just that. They also add unique breathable lining and padded collar, as well as medial and lateral perforated leather. This is what they call as anti-fatigue endurance performance system. It keeps your feet cool and comfortable. Therefore, this shoe is also perfect for working in hot weather.

Bates also follows the AR670-1 standard. Therefore, this shoe’s design and performance meet the military specifications. It also means that it has the best durability and lasts longer.

Why Bates mountain combat boots one of the best choices?

After making this Bates mountain combat boots review, we find out that Bates Cobra is a perfect shoe for you who love outdoor activities, such as hiking, mountain climbing, trekking or working outside the room. it has a beautiful design that comes with the best performance and comfort for you. Get it and try it yourself.


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