Nordictrack AudioStrider 990 PRO Elliptical Review


Supports the new iFit Live (sold separately) Comes with the usual set of special features such as fans, music port, spacesaver design, etc For an elliptical that can be had for as low as when it’s on sale, it sure comes with a lot of built in workout programs (15 toning + 10 performance) Stride length of 18″ to 20″ is generous Accomodates users up to 350 lbs Though it supports iFit Live, the actual module itself is not included Not as compact as the other machines Though the Nordictrack AudioStrider 990 Pro elliptical was newly released in late 2009, there are already four reviews on the Nordictrack website with one stating it was already available in January. As far as we know, this machine was not released at that time so read the reviews with a grain of salt. That aside, the Nordictrack Audiostrider 990 PRO is really impressive on paper.

It has pretty much all the functions and features you would expect from an elliptical such as audio, workout console, long strides, and even support for the new iFit Live. It also has the standard warranty of 1 year parts and labor warranty with a weight capacity on the high end. However, with a regular retail price tag, we think it’s a little LOW. On paper, or even retail is about right. Perhaps too good to be true? In anycase, if it’s ever on sale for less than you really can’t lose. The AudioStrider 990 PRO Elliptical is one fitness machine you must have. With its powerful features and stat-of-the-art technology, you will see the results of your workout in no time. It has 15 target toning workout programs that target specific muscle groups, 10 performance workout programs designed by certified personal trainers that help you run faster and stay in shape longer, an 18″- 20″ adjustable stride length to achieve better muscle definition and 16 digital resistance levels to choose from. The AudioStrider 990 PRO Elliptical also has an iFiT Live, a state-of-the-art technology that offers you automatic workout downloads and a whole lot of other stuff from and a power intensity ramp where you can select between 10-30° so you can focus on specific muscle groups for fast results. The AudioStrider 990 PRO Elliptical assures you of a more effective workout through its Dual-Grip CardioGrip heart rate monitor that will ensure you are in the right training zone for your goals. Its CoolAire workout fan allows you to stay cool and fresh during your entire workout so you can do more hours on the elliptical. The AudioStrider 990 PRO Elliptical also provides you with comfort while burning those pounds off. It has a slip-resistance, oversized pedals that allow you different footing positions, an attractive display that show multiple information fields and can display as large as 1″ tall. Added features of the AudioStrider 990 PRO Elliptical include a compatible music port for iPod, an Intermix Acoustics 2.0, a frictionless resistance system, a SpaceSaver design, Quick Touch In-Handle controls and a weight capacity of 350 lbs. With all these features present in the AudioStrider 990 PRO Elliptical, the body you’ve always wanted is within your reach.

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