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Adtec logger boots review

It is rare to find a leather work boot for women that have a beautiful design and good functionality. But, we find it on AdTec Logger Work Boot. This is one of the best creations by AdTec. Its design, quality, and performance are all top-notch. Here is our Adtec logger boots review, for you who want to know more about it.

AdTec Women’s Logger Work Boot, Beautiful and Comfortable Work Boot for You

Adtec logger boots review
AdTec Women’s 9″ Logger Black Work Boot

Adtec logger boot is the perfect footwear for loggers and woodworkers. This boot is also standard for hunters because the pair present enough interference required to work in the forests.

The Simple yet Beautiful Design

The combination of the dark black leather color and golden shoelace creates a beautiful contrast. The combination gives it elegance as well as cool appearance. With just first glance, we can see that this appearance is the premium class.

Special Features

AdTec uses 100% leather for this product, except the sole. The sole part is made of rubber. And, it’s not only just a rubber material. It is also made to be oil resistant lug sole. That gives you more comfort when you wear it on the site.

It also uses a plain soft toe design. It doesn’t look special, but this simplicity is the reason why this show is beautiful. Some people who love more accents on their shoes maybe see this design as the flaw. However, if you don’t mind with its simplicity, guaranteed you get the best performance from this product.

And, when we take a look back at the leather material, we find out that it uses the full-grain oiled leather. This is one of the strongest and durable leather types. You can expect this shoe will last much longer than your other work boot.


AdTec Logger Work Boot has everything you need. The appearance, performance, and quality are all satisfying. We recommend these shoes if you are looking for women’s work boot that looks great on you and comfortable. That’s all our Adtec logger boots review.


AdTec Men’s Logger Boot is originally the USA produces. As expected from the producing country, you will get the most suitable logging set for your daily movement. It emphasizes a secure and reliable lace-up layout. For the performance and stability, the oiled leather uppers are there. The oiling of the leather ends in the high-profile dam resistance. These boots are a go for loggers and workers. However, it is not only appropriate for lineworkers although you can use it for that goal. You can see it from the uniformity of the welting. AdTec Women’s Urban Farmer Two-Eye Lace Waterproof Boot also has the same functionality. Women can’t find satisfying pairs because many of the boots are produced for men. The AdTec Women’s Urban Farmer waterproof boot comes to solve this difficulty. It is a great option when you need to protect your feet from working out there. The AdTec logger boot is one of the best products purposely built for workers in the logging enterprise. This set of boots is an outstanding choice for loggers since it has the focus things required by all the users. From rainy weather to the snow off the path, you can handle them with this pair of the partner. The waterproof boots additionally come with the qualitative waterproof rubber that will give sure your foot is dry and comfortable all the time. It has the signature piece called EverDry which works to dry the inside boots swiftly. Then there’s DuraFresh which roles as the terminator of bacteria and bouquet. Not to suggest that the AdTec Max-Wick technology is there to have moisture managing. With such perfect unions, you will feel happy and reliable when you are working out there. How can you stay in such rough conditions? Well, we have not completed the Adtec logger boots review yet. AdTec brand thinks tankers know what women need. They also add the EVA insole which gives the highest comfort so that you can stand on the rocky surface for hours without easily getting tired. Meanwhile, the steel shank gives the support and inflexible surface to deal with the shovel when you are walking on the challenging frosts. The rubber on the sole will also assist you to step on any surface with ample confidence. It gives good friction. The Adtec Urban Farmer 2 Eye lace is also stylish and elegant. Wear women’s farm work boots on any other season, and you’ll never have to switch the other boots to hang out or working out with your buddies. The moisture-wicking technology can engage and evaporate the sweat so that it allows you to do your movement all day without reset. This boot won’t stop impressing you. Adtec logger boots are made for everyone who wants to experience the benefits of heavy-duty logging boots. Adtec logger boots are the legendary brand that has been serving for over 100 years. With an ample amount of knowledge, it is not hard to notice the top position of the boots, including its logger boots. The pair is accomplished. Many technical-related workers like this footwear although they are not loggers or hunters. Lineworkers are also working with AdTec men’s logger boot. Coming with many colors, this pair can be the perfect companions when working out there. Your footwear does not have to be broken after all. The Adtec logger boots come with the quality production, top-notch materials, as well as the superb relaxation. The point is that you don’t have to be a logger to reap all of its advantages. The insulated Adtec logger boots are the most reliable solution to handle the challenges in such tedious work conditions. Besides the astonishing form and features, it also comes with top-notch material. The primary boot material is durable leather. But the traction comes from the pure rubber. As we know so far, rubber is the best material to provide traction upon any surface. This is water-resistant shoes. It happens because the manufacturers soaked the boots in the oil base for a long time. The outsoles issue with quality Vibram Tacoma Lug. Not only giving traction, but it also comes with oil-resistant and slip-resistant peculiarities. The welt is also wondrous. The boot has built with Goodyear Welt construction. The boots attached with stitches rather than glues. The welting can make the boots more strong and firm. That’s the purpose why Adtec logger boots name comes as the heavy-duty pair. Not to state that the brand has passed the ASTM for steel toes support and electrical hazard-resistance. Last but not most limited, it is well-constructed. I hope this Adtec logger boots review will help you with your shoes buying decision.

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